Best Trampoline Reviews 2017 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Our Top Trampoline Picks

Best Trampoline Reviews 2017 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Let’s face it. You don’t have time to research each and every trampoline in the market. For a trampoline seeker researching all trampolines in the market precisely is not an easy task. Our experts made the job easy for you.

In the hectic schedule It’s not easy for you to read all the trampoline reviews to find the best trampoline available in the market. Our experts dig deep into each trampolines and understood its pros and cons and they have also collected the customers’ opinion (who is already using the product) and found the top trampolines in the market. If you’re a trampoline seeker you’ve reached your ultimate destination.

Well, let us start with the fundamental question.

Why do we need a trampoline?

As the saying goes….

The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space…..on the infinite highway of the air. – Wilbur Wright

How this thought of Wilbur Wright seems true even to us is simply amazing! The desire to soar freely like birds has always prompted us to adopt various exclusive ideas. One such idea that is the closest to provide the same sense of freedom and weightlessness is the invention of trampolines. Jumping on a trampoline is both fun and pleasure where you can relish the liberation of a bird for a while.

Trampolines are loved by kids and adults alike because of their innumerable benefits. From indoor to outdoor, there is a wide array of different trampolines being manufactured today. Whether you are a kid or a grownup, there is a particular reason why you can use this fun equipment. These newfangled trampolines are not just limited to jumping for fun but can be used for health purposes as well.

Apart from the joy of jumping as high as you want, trampolines also improve your overall health. They are a picture-perfect alternative for jogging or running because they allow low impact jumping. Well, in other words your knees are safe. It is also used for cardiovascular exercises, weight loss and more. To put it in simple words you will be healthy, active and happy by jumping on the trampoline and its a high tech way to get your kids moving.

If you are looking forward to purchase the best trampoline, well you’re in the right place. Here is our expert trampoline reviews and comparisons of some of the awesome trampolines available in the market.


Construction and Durability

The best trampoline should have all the necessary safety aspects integrated into it. A trampoline can keep you and your family safe only when it is constructed with high-quality materials. In our comparisons, we have taken care of all the safety elements. Sturdy built, reinforced metal framing, long-lasting jumping surface and premium springs are some of these elements. The availability of replacement parts whenever needed is also considered when picking up these high-end trampolines. They can be repaired without much ado if any problem occurs.

Our experts have also preferred trampolines that have performed remarkably over the years without showing any wear and tear even after regular use. These trampolines feature high support and stability and are designed with hard-weariness in mind.

Capacity and Dimension

At first, when you see all the trampolines, they all seem similar. There designs and parts may also look alike. But all of it are not created equally. Especially, the weight capacity, it widely differs from one model to another. Some of the best trampoline can endure heavy weights whereas some cannot. And when a trampoline is used for weights higher than what is recommended, it can cause injuries to the user. Same applies to the overall dimension of the trampoline. The total surface area of the trampoline decides how many jumpers can use it at the same time.

Therefore, we have clearly compared all our models on the basis of their weight capacity and availability of the jumping area.


Reliability is the most crucial aspect to look at when you’re making a valuable investment. Because best trampolines don’t come cheap, hence it is important to ensure beforehand that whether or not your product is reliable. Each and every trampoline parts must guarantee sturdiness, quality and safety. But this can only be made out by someone who has already used the product. Therefore, we have meticulously researched the trampoline reviews from the consumers themselves. It has enabled us to sum up which part of the trampoline is great and which of the part is not up to your expectations.

Additional Features

There are innumerable additional trampoline accessories being incorporated in this fun equipment. Some of these features are meant for enhancing the level of safety of the trampoline while others increase its recreational value. Addition of the innovative features protects the user from various unwanted accidents. For e.g. it prevents accidental falling and wounds caused by trampoline springs etc. So, we have highly valued the models that provide extra features. The trampolines here come with basketball attachments, trampoline ladder and other various accessories for ensuring more fun and more safety.


Price is undoubtedly one of the top concerns among the potential buyers. Buying a trampoline is a valuable investment. There are models available in wide range of prices. We have picked a best trampoline from almost every price group. However, the least expensive models which do not promise quality are not included here in our list. From lowest to highest, we have covered only the best trampoline from every price group.

Best Trampoline Reviews 2017 – Top 5 Picks

 1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad 

Best Trampoline Reviews 2017

Construction and Durability

The Frame: The frame of this Skywalker trampoline is constructed from rust-resistant galvanized steel. Sturdy frame and highly stable 6 W-shaped standing legs fixed robustly to the trampoline make it one of the most durable trampolines in market at present.

The Enclosure: Unlike other trampoline enclosures that feature gaps between the trampoline mat and net, this innovative trampoline has no such gaps. Each V-ring has a button hole for properly interlocking the enclosure to the mat. It has effectively eliminated those spacing and has enhanced the overall safety of the product.

Springs and Pads: The spring pad shipped with the trampoline is thick and foamy. It is weather proof and nicely covers the pointy springs. The springs are also immensely efficient in providing nice bounce. They have the maximum number of coils that enhances their flexibility.

Attachment: The safety enclosure devised around the trampoline is very easy to attach and provides guaranteed security. T-sockets are highly efficient in holding enclosure frame and trampoline frame strongly together. The whole assembly of the equipment is easy and one can complete it in an hour or two.

Thus, the construction of this Skywalker trampoline ensures higher stability and longevity.

Capacity and Dimension

This is a strong and hard-wearing trampoline. Therefore, it is recommended for anyone above the age of six. The increased resilience of the trampoline allows it to accommodate the weights up to 200 lbs. It has a very high weight capacity considering its size and dimension. The jumping mat used in the equipment is also very strong and supports heavy users. It has outstanding elasticity for high bounces that get all the users jumping at the same time.

The overall dimension of the trampoline is 15×15×9.5 feet. The jumping surface is round and 15-feet in diameter. This size is great for a family who wants to use it for recreational purposes. You can enjoy with your family or allow the friends of your kids to thoroughly jump on it as much as they want.

Additional Features

The exciting additional features packed with this trampoline are net enclosure and trampoline pad. The net is UV resistant and tied with strong knots. It is very sturdy and retains the user within the jumping area. It has reduced the injury rate to almost zero. The design of the enclosure is kept as such to not hinder the visibility of the outside world. The way the net attaches to the frame is unlike any other trampoline. When the mat and net are properly interlocked together, there remains no gap in between. Thus, it enhances the safety to another level. Moreover, you can choose from any of the four vibrant colors available in this model.


The feedbacks from the consumers report years of reliability. The trampoline is immensely efficient in enduring heavy-duty use and lasts for several years without showing age. It can also be used by someone who is pursuing best trampolines at athletic level. It has a great bounce almost like a professional rectangular trampoline that too at a less price as when compared to a professional trampoline.


This is one of the most reasonably priced trampolines which do not compromise at quality. Almost all the users that have bought this trampoline found out it was worth the money they have spent. It has all the high-end features incorporated in it. All the high-end features come at a price that is very budget-friendly. It is a great trampoline that lasts for years and makes your every penny count. Its each and every element speaks of the quality itself. The trampoline is totally dedicated to a heavy-duty use without asking a lot of dollars in return.

Why choose this trampoline?

Skywalker has been there for decades now. The product quality and great customer service have made it one of the most preferred trampoline manufacturers. The main reason to buy this trampoline is its trusted and reliable name. The other reasons to choose this trampoline are its affordable price, high safety, robust built and higher bounce. This is one of the best options for you if your budget is low but you still want an excellent trampoline. Hence, Skywalker tops our list of best trampolines.

 Bottom Line: “This is the best bet for your bugs. However, you need not sacrifice the quality for its low price. This will perfectly fit in to a budget conscious customer.” 

 2. AlleyOOP 14’ VariableBounce Trampoline with Integrated Safety Enclosure 

Best Trampoline 2017

Construction and Durability

The Frame: The AlleyOOP trampoline features a robust frame constructed from pre-galvanized steel. The frame is 1.9 inches in diameter and thus provides enough resilience to withstand even the harshest use. The frame is power coated and backed by a lifetime warranty. The legs supporting the trampoline are extremely strong and bear weights without any difficulty.

The Enclosure: The integrated safety enclosure is fabricated from a top quality material and it is high enough to protect even the tall jumpers effectively. There is an overlap netting used in the net for entrance and not the zippers. This makes sure that the zipping is not left open and the net is protecting you all the time.

Springs and Pads: There are 96 extra stretch and high performing springs used in AlleyOOP trampoline for unlimited bounce. The padding covering these springs is thick and eliminates needless worries about getting hurt.

Attachment: The setup of the entire trampoline is very simple. It can be completed in few hours using the ordinary tools that you have in your home. The enclosure flawlessly interlocks with the frame and strongly redirects the jumper to the center of the jumping area.

The premium quality materials that are used in the construction of this trampoline ensure no structural deformity and ensure high durability of the product.

Capacity and Dimension

The weight capacity of this trampoline is incomparable to any other model out there. It has the maximum overall weight limit of 800 lbs. It is also strong enough to hold up to 250 lbs. of weight per jumper individually. Five kids or two adults with two kids can jump together on this trampoline without worrying about any structural twisting. The customers seem very happy and completely satisfied of this product because of high weight limit and enhanced safety.

Considering the dimension of the trampoline, it is 72 × 24 × 24 inches. A huge jumping surface of 14 feet in diameter allows sufficient space to several jumpers for jumping together without compromising on the bounce quality. The assembly of this enormous trampoline is super easy and will take few hours.

Additional Features

This AlleyOOP trampoline comes with a ladder and an anchor kit along with the safety enclosure. The ladder makes it extremely convenient even for the kids to climb up safely. The ladder has wide and large steps. It effortlessly assembles with the frame and sits at its position unwaveringly. The anchor system further enhances the security of the product because you will not have to worry about the trampoline being blown away with the gust of strong wind.


It is so sturdy that customers have reported using it even for large group jumping. It has an awesome design that is not only eye-catching but safe as well. Several consumers have given positive feedbacks to the product saying that they are pleased to have it. It has lasted for years even decades to some of the customers.


This trampoline comes with a expensive price. You can buy cheaper trampolines but it is better to invest your hard earned money on a quality product. A product you know would last for years and would not give up on you. This way you eliminate the possibility of getting injured due to a cheap and low quality product. The consumers who have used it are immensely pleased with its quality and overall look. It comes with so many additional attachments; it saves your extra money being spent on trampoline accessories.

Why choose this trampoline?

If you are looking for something more stylish and exclusive than a Skywalker trampoline and are ready to pay extra for that, this is what you need. AlleyOOP is a very popular choice among the trampoline lovers because of its unusual design and high bounce. In fact, this trampoline has the best bounce among all the trampolines. It will take care of your safety too with its quality construction and strong enclosure. Its long-lasting and hard-wearing qualities make it the best trampoline.

 Bottom Line: “We would strongly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for the best trampoline. The hard build, good bounce and high quality construction make this trampoline stand out.” 

 3. Springfree Trampoline- 13-Ft Jumbo Square with Basketball Hoop & Ladder 

Trampoline Reviews 2017

Construction and Durability

The Frame: Springfree trampoline features a double powder-coated galvanized steel frame. The frame is positioned underneath the jumping surface for eliminating any kind of unwanted accident. It is seamlessly leveled with the mat for enhanced protection. It is a very sturdy frame and is specifically built for heavy-duty use.

The Enclosure: A very unique Flexinet Enclosure is incorporated in this trampoline. It is fully flexible and has a unique design. It makes sure that the jumpers are always redirected within the jumping surface and thus prevents falls. The quality of the enclosure is very high and it does not hinder visibility.

Springs and Pads: One of the most striking features of this trampoline is its spring-less design. Flexible fiberglass composite rods are used in this trampoline instead of normal springs for providing great bounce. It not only reduces the possibility of injuries but also promises higher lift.

Attachment: The establishment of the Springfree trampoline is somewhat difficult when compared to other models. There is an instruction material provided with the product. If you follow all the steps accurately, you can complete the setup in some hours. Watching a video and following the steps meticulously is another way of getting the setup right.

Galvanized steel frame and premium quality parts of this trampoline promise a long-lasting and robustly-built equipment that is going to last several years in your backyard.

Capacity and Dimension

When it comes to the weight limit of this Springfree trampoline, it has the highest weight rating of 330 pounds. So, the trampoline has an extraordinary weight capacity which can allow several users at the same time. Its overall structural capacity for loads is 1100 pounds. Such a high capacity and endurance to the heavy weights make this trampoline highly efficient. The product will not show any fundamental issues relevant to its structure because of this high weight rating.

The dimension of this trampoline is 157.5 ×110.2×157.5 inches. It provides a jumping mat of 13 ft. which allows a huge total jumping surface area of 155 ft2. Because this is a Springfree model, this 13 feet area is almost like a 16 feet area of a traditional trampoline. Such a big size of this trampoline is picture-perfect for any small or medium family.

Additional Features

There is a Basketball Hoop and Ladder provided along with this trampoline. These accessories further enhance the level of fun which one can enjoy on this equipment. The ladder makes it safer to climb inside the jumping area whereas basketball offers you an entertaining and sporty physical activity to be performed on the trampoline.


More and more trampoline-lovers are attracted to this exclusive and the safest trampoline model. They feel satisfy when they bring this trampoline in their backyard because there is no way there kids are going to hurt. The highest level of safety offered by this amazing trampoline is what making consumers buy it irrespective of its huge price. It is sturdy, made up of high-grade materials and offers an impressive bounce.


Springfree models come at an expensive price. Same goes with this 13-feet Springfree trampoline which is comparatively lesser than the 15-feet trampoline. When you consider its unique design that promises no harm and no injury to the jumper, you will definitely grab the deal. It has all the high-end features and durable components that will make your investment worthwhile. The additional accessories are also provided with the trampoline. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that is going to give years of unlimited fun and entertainment.

Why choose this trampoline?

The invention of the springfree trampoline has impressively reduced the number of trampoline injuries. Springfree is one-of-its-kind trampoline that boasts to be the world’s safest trampoline. The trampoline does not come cheap and requires a huge investment. But it is worth the investment. The highest safety features, enhanced durability and sturdy built are the most favorable reasons for buying this trampoline. If you can afford to pay more for a trampoline, look no further and buy this trampoline. There is no other trampoline that can match this level of safety.

  Bottom Line: “The world’s safest trampoline. If you’re the one who is looking for safety as the primary concern then you should definitely buy this. No other trampoline can match its level when it comes to safety.” 

 4. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad 

Trampoline Reviews 2017

Construction and Durability

The Frame: It features a hard-wearing galvanized steel frame which is extremely sturdy to offer years of jumping. The T-sockets are reinforced and welded and never show structural twisting. There are 6 legs incorporated in the trampoline for added stability.

The Enclosure: It has kept all the safety standards in mind and therefore comes with an effective safety enclosure. When either you or your kids are jumping inside, you can rest assured that there will be no unwanted accidents. The enclosure netting is kept away from the jumping area for plenty of jumping space. The enclosure posts are well-padded for more protection.

Springs and Pads: The superior bounce of this trampoline is because of 72 heavy-gauge rust-resistant 5.5 inch springs. The spring pad is weather proof and is thick enough to cover the springs nicely.

Attachment: All it takes to establish properly is just two hours. It is very easy to assemble net, frame and mat together and the procedure is not at all cumbersome. But if you are a beginner and don’t follow the instructions clearly, it can also take three to four hours.

Like all other models from Skywalker, this trampoline is again a durable and hard-wearing equipment.

Capacity and Dimension

Weight capacity that is allowed on this trampoline is 240 lbs. Thus, 2 or 3 kids can easily jump on this trampoline without worrying. The trampoline is very sturdy and unwaveringly takes all the heavy jumping.

This is a medium size trampoline and has an overall dimension of 144 × 144 ×106.5 inches. The mat is 12-feet in size and is good enough for small families that have limited space in their backyards. It has a Stay-Put jump mat that can be attached to the enclosure netting directly without leaving space. The huge size and vast jumping area of this trampoline is suitable for jumper from any age group.

Additional Features

The trampoline comes with tools that are required to fix springs and frames. The patented way of Skywalker which is used in the locking system of the net and mat is another innovative feature. It eliminates gaps and thus prevents the jumper from getting stuck to those gaps. The enclosure and mat are strongly connected together because of this button-hole feature. This trampoline is available in five vibrant color options so that you can pick the one which attracts you the most.


Skywalker is one of the most purchased trampolines worldwide because of its trustworthy and well-known name. This 12-feet round trampoline by Skywalker has several factors that make this model so popular. Low price, enhanced safety and overall performance are some of the major factors that contribute to the trampoline. The size and price both seem perfect for a small family who wants to buy a trampoline but does not have enough space availability.


This round trampoline with a 12-feet jumping area from a well-known trampoline manufacturer, Skywalker, comes at a very reasonable price of $250. The affordable price of this trampoline is one of the most important reasons behind its huge popularity. Families with two or three jumpers can buy this trampoline without a doubt. It also comes with enclosure net and spring pad along with the main trampoline. Thus, safety is ensured with no need to make an extra investment.

Why choose this trampoline?

This 12-Feet round trampoline by Skywalker is the best when you want to bring that much wanted smile on the face of your kid. These trampolines are constructed from a durable and top-quality material and thus last long. The material is also resistant to harmful UV rays which ensure long life to the trampoline even when it is used daily under the sun. It is similar to the Skywalker 15-feet trampoline in all aspects except the size. You can consider buying this trampoline if you have a limited budget and less space availability at your place.

 Bottom Line: “If the users are less and you’re looking to buy a best trampoline at your budget this is the trampoline for you.” 

 5. Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net 

Trampoline analysis

Construction and Durability

The Frame: The frame of the trampoline is manufactured from high-quality and weather-proof galvanized steel. The trampoline has 8 heavy-duty, robust and well-padded legs. The legs are uniquely designed for this trampoline and two legs are merged together at the base. It is very impressive for all the extra support and stability that it offers.

The Enclosure: The safety net that encloses the jumping mat is extremely beneficial in delivering utmost safety. The net has an in-built zipper that allows entry and exit to the user effortlessly. The safety enclosure attaches to the base easily and remains intact even after the harshest use.

Springs and Pads: A total of 88 springs are used in this trampoline for high bounce. Its whole jumping surface is nicely cushioned with protective padding. A thick blue pad sits on the springs for protecting the user from wounding and springs from detrimental elements.

Attachment: The trampoline comes with two sets of instructions, one for the poles and net and the other specifically for trampoline. It almost takes two hours for assembling this trampoline before it is ready for jumping. You will need someone while fixing its poles.

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net allows a safe and outstanding jumping experience. The support system incorporated in the unit provides high stability because of a solid and hard-wearing base.

Capacity and Dimension

The maximum user weight allowed on this spring is 200 lbs. So, only one person can use this trampoline at a time. The trampoline features a sturdy construction so that it can take heavy duty use without any impairment.

It does not take a lot of space in your backyard or garden and can be positioned nicely wherever you want. The completely-assembled trampoline measures 14 feet which can easily accommodate big and small jumpers alike. Its overall size is 68 × 18.8 × 13 feet. So, if you don’t have several users in your family and there is not much space to place a large trampoline, this one is just perfect.

Additional Features

The safety net provided with this trampoline needs eight poles for upright assembly. All the poles are provided along with this equipment. The poles are strong enough to keep the net intact all the time. This is a low-budget trampoline and does not come with extra trampoline accessories.


The trampoline is very reliable because of its solid construction and high quality parts. The trampoline has used a UV-resistant material in its construction so that you can jump under the soaring sun. There are no needless worries that the color and luster of the trampoline will fade with the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, some consumers found the pads to be very fragile. They said the pads started wearing off much earlier than they had expected. Otherwise, the trampoline is one of the most popular equipment and has several positive feedbacks from the consumer too.


The price for this amazing and safe trampoline is $345. It is the best choice for all the budget constraint consumers that want to bring unlimited fun to their backyards but without spending a lot. The low price of the trampoline does not mean that it compromises on quality and safety ever. It has retained the same level of fun, safety and construction which one seeks from a trampoline.

Why choose this trampoline?

This trampoline from Ultega gets the last position in our list of the best trampoline reviews. Ultega is an emerging brand in the trampoline industry but its top-quality products have already made a huge name for themselves. This budget-friendly model is a great option for you if there are not many jumpers in your family or probably you would be using it all alone. The unique design of its legs makes it different from other trampolines and also provides more stability. You can pick this trampoline too if you don’t want to spend a lot on your trampoline but need a decent product. It is a long-lasting and great trampoline for a small family.

 Bottom Line: “Good look, high quality materials, long lasting even after daily use and budget friendly make this trampoline to our top 5 list. If you’re looking to buy a good looking trampoline under your budget this is the trampoline for you.” 

Final Verdict

Best of the Best

Our trampoline reviews comprises of the best trampolines which is of high quality and deliver outstanding jumping. However, AlleyOOP is the true winner among all its contenders. We are actually impressed with the overall quality and higher bounce of this stunning trampoline. From a very robust steel frame to an eye-catching design, this trampoline will immediately grab your attention.

The sturdy built and premium quality materials are worth every dollar you spend. The trampoline is built to last and has even lasted for decades to some of the consumers. The jumping mat and highly stretchable springs give this trampoline the highest possible bounce. The safe and high bounce is one of the most striking features of this trampoline.

AlleyOOP also have a very high weight capacity which effortlessly allows group jumping. It will never show any structural deformity even when 4-5 kids are using it at the same time. So, if you have many jumpers in your family or the friends of your kids, this trampoline is what you need. They all can enjoy jumping on this trampoline as much as they want. It is undoubtedly the best of the best trampoline. Consumers who bought AlleyOOP were so happy for the quality and performance of this great trampoline and they too highly recommend this product. AlleyOOP takes the best of the best spot in our trampoline reviews.

If you’re looking to buy the best trampoline for your family here it is.

2017 Best Trampoline Reviews

Best Bang for Your Buck

If you’re looking to buy a trampoline within your budget, Skywalker 15-feet round trampoline is the best bet for you. It is a top-quality trampoline that has incorporated only high-grade trampoline parts and components in its construction. From premium enclosure net to sturdy galvanized frame, you are going to love each and every feature of this remarkable trampoline.

This is the best option for any trampoline lover who does not want to compromise on quality and safety for low price. It is a hard-wearing and long-lasting trampoline that will bring boundless joy and fun right in your backyard. This pocket friendly equipment is being loved and passionately purchased by thousands of consumers all across the globe. Several users have testified for its years of reliability. Moreover, this skywalker trampoline have thousands of happy customer reviews on Amazon.(Check the reviews & price now)

Every people who bought this trampoline recommend this product. Skywalker is the best trampoline for budget friendly customers and tops our trampoline reviews list. First for its price, second for its quality and third for its brand name. Skywalker won the trust of millions of people around the globe. When you buy a trampoline from them you can rest assured that you’re investing in the best budget friendly trampoline.

Top Trampoline Reviews 2017

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