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Best Mini Trampoline Reviews: Getting in shape is one of our biggest desires for everyone. However, it is not always easy, and it requires a lot of hard work, patience, and loads of workouts. But the advent of mini trampoline made it easier and simpler to enjoy good health. A best mini trampoline can make you fit faster than you could ever think of.

Well, but there is one problem.

There are so many companies offer mini trampolines. Hence, choosing the best mini trampoline out of that huge list is not easy.

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So, here is the solution.

Our experts made the job easy for you in our mini trampoline reviews. We have compiled top 5 best mini trampolines for you to make it easy to pick the one that fits your need. You can perform various types of workouts on these mini-trampolines which will help in the toning of your muscles, and you will also reduce weight considerably.

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews 2017 – Top 5 Picks

1. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Construction and Durability

Jumpsport holds the first position in our best mini trampoline reviews. The frame of this sturdy trampoline is constructed from 16-gauge steel that also comes with a lifetime warranty. A very strong and flawlessly woven material Permatron is used for fabricating its high-grade trampoline mat which provides outstanding lift. Elastic strapping of EnduroLast 2 is so efficient that it can take around two million bounces without giving up. Small petals made up of nylon are used for smartly covering the exposed part of the elastic straps. Such high standard safety measures lower the risk of any injury significantly.

Arched legs are permanently attached to the frame for high stability. When compared with the mini trampolines that have straight legs, this arched foot rebounder is more durable and hard-wearing. But with such type of construction, you cannot fold this unit for easy storage. With the help of arched legs, you can stack multiple rebounders together, and they are also far better than broken hinges. There is a spare elastic strap available in the box for easy replacement whenever needed. This makes the overall product more reliable.

Capacity and Dimension

This great mini trampoline has a very high weight capacity of 250 pounds. The solid construction and high-quality elastic strap are highly efficient in supporting heavy users. The height at which this trampoline sits above the ground is 12 inches which enhance its safety aspects. The small height will make sure that even if the straps fail in between your exercise regime, you will not have serious injuries. And moreover, there are no such complaints relevant to failed elastic strapping.

This mini trampoline is only designed for rebounding and not for fun. It has a huge jumping surface area of 37 inches which is great when compared to mini trampolines. The jumping area is further increased due to protective petals that add extra two inches in the area.

Additional Features

To make your rebounding experience more enjoyable and productive, this trampoline comes with a workout DVD. There are various remarkable exercises included in this DVD which are perfect for any beginner. The equipment does not come with a stabilizing bar, but you can buy one if you need for an extra cost. Not every rebounding exercise requires a bar, but there are some specifically designed exercises which may require one for more security. So, if you are looking forward to performing high-intensity workouts on your rebounder, consider buying a handle bar for yourself.


The quality comes with the price. Because it is sturdily built and lasts for a relatively longer duration, it has become a top choice for many customers. Each of the elements incorporated in this exercise equipment is of high quality. If you buy some cheap trampoline for your exercise regimen, it is likely to wear out very soon. But this JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is worth every dollar that goes out of your pocket. It effortlessly takes heavy duty use and lasts for years which make it one the best mini trampoline.

Bottom Line: Highly stable five-legged design, huge jumping area and an extremely helpful workout DVD are some of the main advantages of this mini trampoline.
Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

2. Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD & Stabilizing Bar

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Construction and Durability

An incredibly sturdy metal frame and a strong mat of this Urban Rebounder Trampoline make it another great option. There are two different sizes of hinged legs attached to this unit. Because of these adjustable legs, the user can either establish it as an angled rebounder or as a traditional mini-trampoline that sits flat above the ground. The high bounce of this rebounder is achieved because of strong metallic springs. The jumping area is also very efficient in absorbing high impact shocks. However, the springs are not covered with any pad and landing on the springs accidentally can cause unwanted accidents.

Overall, the construction of this mini trampoline is very durable and is built for heavy use. The springs used in the equipment are replaceable and can be replaced without much ado. The material utilized in the fabrication of its mat is also adamant for withstanding even the harshest of use.

Capacity and Dimension

Although the official weight capacity of this best trampoline is extremely high at 300 pounds, it should be utilized meticulously by heavy users. If you push the equipment far more than its capacity, it will likely give up and may also show structural deformity. The metallic springs that are used may also create additional sound when it is used heavily. But the noise only occurs when the rebounder is used for recreational jumping. So far as exercising is considered, the noise is almost negligible.

The mini trampoline boasts a huge jumping surface area of 40 inches, but the actual size you will get is only 28 inches. An additional two inches are added to the device because of its exposed springs. Some of the high-end exercises like a jumping jack and others are not very safe to perform in such a smaller area. And because of the exposed springs, it is also advisable that small kids wear shoes while using this device.

Additional Features

There are two amazing added features to this device for making the overall deal more attractive. The first feature is the addition of a nice stability bar. The handle bar is smartly designed to sit flawlessly into the slots especially crafted on the main frame. Whether you are a beginner or perform some remarkable exercises on the rebounder, stability bar is a must for adding extra security. When a bar is added to the overall structure of the mini trampoline, you can quickly enhance the intensity of your workout without worrying about unwanted accidents. The stability bar becomes crucial with this trampoline that has a restricted jumping area.

Another bonus in the package comes in the form of workout DVD that features six different exercises. The exercises are excellent and can be performed effortlessly for good health.


If you are looking for a less expensive model in this mini trampoline reviews, then this Urban Rebounder is a great option. It will only cost you $139 and will still ensure almost all the benefits of a high-end rebounder. The practicability of the equipment is also increased because of its ability to store easily. It can be adjusted at preferred angles for added convenience. The model is very firm and does not slip and slide on the floors. It is steady exercise equipment that comes with a DVD and a stability bar.

Bottom Line: This is an amazing mini trampoline that comes with a nice stability bar, features a durable construction and has adjustable legs.
Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

3. Pure Fun 38-Inch Mini Trampoline

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Construction and Durability

Thin gauge steel is used in the construction of the frame for this extremely durable mini trampoline. Such a high-grade steel frame promises long life and easily endures heavy-duty use. Five robust legs are solidly fixed to the frame. They are highly efficient in evenly distributing the weight of the jumping user. An elastic apron is used to cover the exposed springs properly. When springs are covered nicely, there are no possibilities of getting injured due to disoriented steps. Such an innovative approach makes this mini trampoline suitable for recreational bouncing as well along with exercising.

The mat is very robust and provides excellent elasticity for higher jumps. The springs integrated into the mini trampoline are not very strong and may need replacements with time and use. Overall, the rebounder has a high durability and an excellent track record of longevity.

Capacity and Dimension

Even when the manufacturer claims the weight rating of 250 pounds, it allows the maximum load capacity of only 220 lbs. If the limits are pushed, and heavy users bounce on the equipment, there can be instances of mat and spring failures. It can be used both as exercise equipment and as a recreational device. If you tend to outdo this weight capacity, you must consider buying a rebounder with high weight capacity. But for all your low-intensity workouts and light fun, it is one of the best mini trampolines for budget conscious consumers.

You can effectively perform high intensity and a complete workouts on the wide surface area of 38 inches. One can easily stay inside the jumping area without getting close to springs and hard metal frame. The bounce of this mini trampoline is somewhat firm and may discourage you to jump higher. But this isn’t a problem because it adds strength to your exercising.

Additional Features

There are not many other accessories provided with this trampoline. Considering its budget price, it will not be counted as a negative aspect. If you want a stability handle bar or a workout DVD, you can easily purchase it separately for an additional cost. However, the trampoline features one very innovative protective apron around its periphery. The apron remarkably covers all the exposed springs and reduces the possibilities of getting wounded to almost zero. It is a very good idea since most of the injuries on rebounder happen due to springs. It eliminates the chances of slipping between the gaps where springs are amalgamated. Unlike other mini trampolines, this model has five robust legs for added stability.


It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest mini trampolines available in the market that does not compromise on quality. The low price of the rebounder does not indicate that it is built cheaply. It is an ideal option especially for beginners that are starting rebounding. It is durable enough to last for an impressively long duration. It is worth your money and makes your each dollar count because of its long-lasting and hard-wearing properties.

Bottom Line: This budget-friendly and high quality mini trampoline is the top rated choice for starters.
Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

4. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Construction and Durability

Even when this mini trampoline uses a thinner steel frame, its sturdiness and stability are highly impressive. Five legs made of steel are integrated to the main frame of this folding trampoline. When you compare five-legged trampolines to four-legged ones, you will find that the trampolines with five legs are more stable. Rebounders that have four legs are more prone to create tipping points which may cause several accidents too. Black rubber tips are also mounted on the top of each leg for reducing sliding and slipping on the floors. You can also place your equipment on a rug for making it steadier.

It is a very durable product and is built sturdily. Instead of metal springs, elastic fabric straps are incorporated into this rebounder for a high bounce. The elastic straps are easily replaceable whenever any of it impairs. The mat surface and strapping are both very efficient and strong. This rebounder is also comparatively noise-less because of its elastic straps. The mini-trampolines which use metal springs tend to create squeaky voice when used heavily.

Capacity and Dimension

The weight capacity for this rebounder is 250 pounds which are good. But when the rebounder is used, heavy users have found it inefficient in providing enough lift. The structure of this mini trampoline is very sturdy and steady too because of the five-legged design. It is a foldable rebounder, and therefore its assembly should be completed vigilantly. Support pins are inserted while holding the sections together and thus the performance entirely depends on the strong establishment. Therefore, the assembly is quite difficult, and you may need an assistant while doing it.

Most of the stationary exercises can be performed easily on this mini trampoline because of its large jumping area of 34 inches. But if you perform dynamic exercises extensively then you may find this area to be quite small. This small bouncing area will not be a problem for any beginner as they don’t have to perform advance workouts on it. This is a budget-priced mini trampoline which is good for both fun and exercises.

Additional Features

This Stamina rebounder does not come with any additional feature as it is specifically designed for starters. So, there is no DVD, handle bar or anything else packed with this amazing mini trampoline. However, there is one eye-catching feature about this equipment which will grab your attention. The unit is capable of assembling and disassembling according to your requirements. You can disassemble the entire unit and store it easily. From cover to legs, everything detaches flawlessly for your convenience. The main frame also comes off when the pins holding it are removed. Mat and elastic bands are also undone without much effort and thus storing the equipment in a small space is possible. So, whether you have limited storage space inside your home or want to carry your device outdoors, this is an ideal option for you.


At only $27, it is undeniably the least expensive mini trampoline. This budget-friendly device is great for anyone who is initiating rebounding and first wants to check its effectiveness. It is an excellent product for light weight exercises. The low price makes this rebounder the best experimental equipment as well. Its all-steel construction and strong elastic straps are almost as good as you may find in any expensive and high-end model. It is the least expensive pick in our list of mini trampoline reviews.

Bottom Line: Highly efficient elastic straps, great weight capacity and the ease for storage are the most striking reasons for buying this trampoline.

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

5. Variflex 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Construction and Durability

This high-quality mini trampoline has utilized all the high-grade materials that are usually found in expensive models. From a robust steel frame with polypropylene woven mat, each element of the mini trampoline makes it worth buying. There is also a vinyl cover made of premium quality material. It has a foldable design which is quite difficult to assemble and needs considerable tension when inserting the pins. Therefore, two or three people are supposed to assemble it. It is a very stable rebounder with enough responsiveness to make your every workout count. You can also store it in its intact position for sidestepping the cumbersome ordeal of assembling it every time you need.

Speaking regarding durability, the rebounder works nicely for few years before it starts to wear off. Its topnotch and highly robust mat is far superior to most of the other trampoline mats. Elastic bands are more long-lasting and heavy duty than usual metal springs. It claims to offer one million bounces before it starts to age. The availability of the replacement parts is also good, and you can easily purchase them from the manufacturer itself.

Capacity and Dimension

The weight capacity for this mini trampoline is quite less and is only 200 pounds. So, if you meet or exceed this weight rating, avoid using this equipment. The elastic bands are very good in enduring heavy duty use, but its frame is not sturdy enough to withstand high weights. It tends to bend if the weight capacity exceeds the rating permitted for it. The rebounders should only be used as exercise equipment and not for recreational jumping. Because it has high firmness, the user will experience reduced stress on his joints.  Proper control of the body is also enabled because of this spring less model.

Even when the exercise surface promised by the rebounder is 38 inches, you will only find 34 inches the of the usable jumping surface. Jogging and jumping jacks can be easily performed in this exercise, but side to side exercises are not allowed on this rebounder. Elastic bands are also covered with a vinyl skirt which effectually reduces the possibilities of injuries.

Additional Features

Like some of the models mentioned above which come with exciting accessories, this model does not has any additional feature. But the ability to fold this mini trampoline into half is beneficial. It can be stored easily if you have restricted space at your place. The vinyl skirt is replaceable when it wears off. Moreover, if you want a stability bar for your advanced rebounding exercises, you can pick it from any brand. This high compatibility for handle bars is another amazing feature of this rebounder. From basic to moderate, you can effectively perform most of your exercises on this mini trampoline.


The low price of this mini trampoline is $59 which makes the deal very attractive. If you do not want to spend a lot of amount on your beginning of the regimen, this is another great option for you. Elastic bands incorporated into this trampoline enable a quieter operation and firm bounce. This is such a low price that won’t even count much and you will have a picture-perfect trampoline at your place. This mini trampoline features a quality construction and provides an inexpensive way of maintaining good health.

Bottom Line: Foldable design, strong elastic straps for bounce and low price make this trampoline one of the most favorite mini trampolines.
Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Best of the Best Mini Trampoline

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

All our mini trampolines that we have picked in these mini trampoline reviews are outstanding in their performance and quality. But out of those five best mini trampolines, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 seems a clear winner for ‘best of the best’ title. Its gauge steel frame and lifetime warranty are some of the remarkable features that make the overall deal super attractive. Unlike straight leg design devices, this one has arched legs for more stability. Stability is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects that you may look in your exercise equipment.

Elastic straps for a bounce are another plus for this product. These straps are stronger and more durable than many models which use metal springs for a bounce. The operation of the device is also noise free all thanks to its spring less design. It has a good weight capacity and supports heavy users who are beginning their exercise regimen for the first time. An elastic apron effectively covers the gap and is attached using six petals. Thus, the level of safety is very high in this product making it one of the best mini trampolines.

Other additional feature i.e. the inclusion of a workout DVD makes the product worthwhile. Only if it had a stabilizing bar too, it could become the world’s best mini trampoline. Overall, it still tops our list of the best mini trampoline reviews and becomes the favorite choice of thousands of customers.

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Best Mini Trampoline for Your Buck

Pure Fun 38-Inch Mini Trampoline

If you’re looking for the budget-friendly mini trampoline, then this is it. Unlike some other cheap models of mini trampolines that use inferior quality construction material, this is a high-quality product. That is why our experts suggest this as the best value for your money in our mini trampoline reviews. Irrespective of its low price, the equipment has incorporated all the high-grade materials into its construction. It is the best bang for your buck which is as sturdy as any other expensive mini trampoline. The all-steel frame and five-legged design provide strength and robustness to this product. The tips are also rubberized for silent operation on hardwood floors.

Even though there are some issues relevant to its complicated assembly procedure and significant rate of spring failure, this mini trampoline is an ideal option. This product is perfect for anyone who is a beginner to rebounding because starters want something affordable. And coming at only $50, what else could be more affordable and reliable than this amazing mini trampoline.

It is a tough rebounder that will keep up with almost all your stationary rebound exercises. This is why the product is picked as the perfect model in our best mini trampoline reviews. You will enjoy performing exercises on this product until you become an advanced practitioner of the rebounding.

Best Mini Trampoline Reviews

Editors Choice
Mini Trampoline Reviews

Product Name: JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Rebounder

Product Description: All our mini trampolines that we have picked in these mini trampoline reviews are outstanding in their performance and quality. But out of those five best mini trampolines, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 seems a clear winner for ‘best of the best’ title.

Price: $249

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