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Whether you have planned to buy a big trampoline or mini trampoline, the investment is considerably huge for it. To make most of your valuable investment, it becomes extremely significant to choose the best trampoline brands for you and your family. Only a durable, hard-wearing and robustly-built trampoline will make every penny you spend worthwhile. Thus, the importance of the brand and its role in selecting trampoline cannot be overlooked. In fact, a reputable manufacturer is a proof of high-end product itself.

So, before you decide the best trampoline brand you are about to buy make sure that it comes from a trusted brand. However, in your busy routine it will not be easy for you to search web for reviewing and comparing hundreds of trampoline brands out there. Keeping this in mind, we have endeavored to round up all the prominent brands for you. Our list of the top 5 brands will undoubtedly give you an idea of the most reliable and high-end names of the trampoline industry.

The Best Trampoline Brands – Our Top 5 Picks

1.Skywalker Tampoline

Skywalker is the best trampoline brand comparing to all other trampoline brands. Founded in 2004, this well-known trampoline manufacturer has been in the industry for more than a decade now. The sole purpose of the company is to create safe and durable trampolines for all the trampoline-enthusiasts around the world. They have incorporated safety enclosures and protective pads to the trampolines for making this adventure sport as safe as possible. The company also wants to boost the level of entertainment through this equipment and thus offers variety of additional trampoline accessories as well.

Skywalker trampoline has a huge assortment of trampolines in varying shapes and sizes so as to enable you to pick the one which is well-suited to you. You must be wondering what makes this brand top our list. Well, the reasons are as follows:

  • They use buttonhole arrangement for properly interlocking the safety enclosure and trampoline mat together. This unique setup eliminates the risky gap between both of it.
  • This exclusive and highly practicable button-hole feature is integrated at each V-ring provided on the mat.
  • Skywalker uses T-joint at every leg for better stability and also at enclosure connection and frame.
  • From oval to rectangular and 8-feet to 12-feet, there are various models manufactured by this brand for suiting almost any predilection.
  • The enclosure net is a tightly knit mesh so that kids cannot climb it and get stuck.
  • All the trampolines and accessories by Skywalker are constructed following the ASTM safety standards.

This outstanding setup is very helpful in reducing the need to thread ropes. The gaps are effectively eradicated making this trampoline super safe for your kids. You can choose any trampoline from this brand and encourage your children for more outdoor activities. Thus, Skywalker tops our list in the best trampoline brands. Read in-depth skywalker trampoline reviews..

The Best Skywalker Trampoline

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2. Springfree Trampoline

Springfree trampoline holds the second position in our best trampoline brands list. This is surely one of the best trampoline to buy. As it is clear with the brand name itself, these trampolines do not feature springs for providing bounce. It may leave you wondering about the high jumps and all, but it took almost 15 years for Dr. Keith Alexander to produce them. These Spring-free trampolines have become very popular nowadays and are considered one of the safest trampolines ever built. Dr. Alexander wanted to remove the risky springs off the trampolines for preventing any possibility of injuries to the kids especially. Therefore, he reinvented the trampoline altogether while keeping focus onto eliminating those impact points.

These amazing trampolines have replaced the metal springs with rods fabricated from flexible composite. Springs can cause bruises and even serious injuries sometimes when they become exposed unknowingly. These rods however are positioned below the jumping surface for providing great bounce without ever coming in contact. How these trampolines are safer than others? There are many factors responsible for it:

  • Composite rods are immensely flexible and placed underneath the jumping surface for making no contact with the user.
  • The solid frame is also kept below the jumping area for eliminating any possibility of hitting it while jumping.
  • Springfree trampolines use ‘flexinet’ safety enclosure that is highly efficient in bending along with the jumper. It prevents the jumper from falling accidentally.
  • These trampolines also save the jumper from hitting to the metal pole.

From 2003 when the first model got sold in New Zealand, this company has been progressing in leaps and bounds. The level of trust and reliability these trampolines have earned in the past decade made it second best company on our list.  Read in-depth Springfree trampoline reviews..

The Best Springfree Trampoline

Best Trampoline Brands 2017

3. JumpSport Trampoline

JumpSport is a family owned and operated company that has been manufacturing high-grade trampolines for more than two decades now. Mark and Valerie Publicover are the founders of this remarkable company. The incident which urged them to start constructing safe trampolines on their own is not very unusual of old times. Their kids have fallen off the trampolines quite a lot of times before, but that day one of their friends came plunging back to the ground and got seriously injured. Although this was not the first time incident, it prompted Mark to start designing some enclosure around the trampoline.

This is how the first trampoline safety enclosure came into being and was appreciated worldwide. He created an enclosure that was not only effective in protecting the user but can also be bought at a reasonable price. Since then, the company has never looked back and its products are being used by millions of kids all across the globe. What makes JumpSport one of the most prominent and best trampoline brand? The main reason is their initiative for safe jumping but there are other reasons too.

  • JumpSport made protective and injury-free jumping possible by inventing a safety enclosure.
  • They worked hard to improve jumping mats and beds too so as to prevent a maximum number of injuries.
  • They have always remained unsurpassed when it comes to introducing high-quality safety nets and shock-absorbing jumping beds.
  • Trampolines from JumpSport are regarded as the world’s safest trampolines.

Safety is the prime concern of every parent. No one wants their kids to get injured in a rush of an entertainment sport. Thus, JumpSport is the best trampoline brands for picking safe trampolines for your kids. They come with all the safety measures incorporated in them which reduce the risk of potential accidents.

The Best Jumpsport Trampoline

The Best Jumpsport Trampoline

4. UpperBounce Trampoline

UpperBounce is yet another well-known brand that manufactures high-quality trampolines for fun and outdoor entertainment. They are committed to producing premium quality trampolines, their additional accessories, and replacement parts. They keep safety as their top priority so that you and your kids can enjoy jumping without worrying about a shoddily constructed and unsafe trampoline. One of the most attractive aspects of these UpperBounce trampolines is their affordable price. Any family can buy these reasonably priced trampolines and enjoy unlimited fun.

UpperBounce uses durable and heavy-duty components to manufacture its trampolines. This makes their products extremely long-lasting and hard-wearing. They keep all the safety measures in mind while constructing their fun equipment:

  • They use quality enclosure nets that feature good fabrication material and up to the mark structure for enhanced safety.
  • Their jumping mat is made up of highly stretchable material with high weight capacity and great bounce.
  • UpperBounce incorporates immensely protective safety pads encircling the entire frame to reduce the chance of injuries.
  • The complete enclosure set comprising of trampoline net, poles, and connection accessories is fabricated from excellent material.

UpperBounce is highly recommended when you are looking for a durable, first-class and affordable trampoline. The brand has become a popular name because of all such features and holds the fourth place in our best trampoline brands list.

The Best Upper Bounce Trampoline

The Best Upper Bounce Trampoline

5. SkyBound Trampoline

SkyBound was founded in the year 2010 and has been manufacturing great trampolines and their parts since then. Safe and outstandingly strong trampolines have made the company worth relying on. For all these years, they have constructed high-quality trampolines and their parts. They go all-out to provide safe trampolines at an affordable price. They make every effort to exceed the safety guidelines set by ASTM International Standards. The company is authorized to manufacture remarkable trampolines and has gained years of experience in building them.

Their motto is to construct an outstanding and safe jumping experience for kids and adults alike. Using their safe trampolines, you can create an enjoyable and exciting outdoor activity for a healthier lifestyle of your family. The resilient products of SkyBound excel in providing great stability even for the harshest of use. Their customer service experience is also very helpful and supportive for assisting you in all your needs and queries.

Overall, because of the durable built and reasonable price, these high-grade trampolines from SkyBound have become a top choice of many. They have also grown their business of outdoor play accessories since 2014 and have become a well-known name in the USA. Considering their high demand and popularity, we have enlisted it at the fifth position in our best trampoline brands.

The Best Skybound Trampoline

Best Trampoline Brands

Wrap Up

There are numerous trampoline manufacturers out there in the market that introduce nice products. But dozens of choices make it pretty difficult for you to pick the best trampoline with all the right features. Therefore, we have gone above and beyond to provide you a common podium where you can see all the prominent brands in the trampoline industry. These five best trampoline brands that we have compiled here are some of the most favorite brands among trampoline fanatics. Millions of people worldwide are using their products for enjoyment, fitness, and safety. Their products are durable and built to last.

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