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Trampoline replacement pads have become extremely beneficial over the course of time. Their high practicability in effectively covering the exposed parts of the trampoline like springs and hard frame has made them an important trampoline accessory. These safety pads are fabricated from plush and well-foamed material so as to form a thick protective covering over the risky springs and outer rim. In this review we shall see the top 5 best trampoline pads in detail.

Best Trampoline Pad – Our Pick

Best Trampoline Pad

Earlier when there were no trampoline pads, there were very high chances of jumpers getting wounded due to broken springs or falling through the gap between the mat and the frame. But with the advent of trampoline safety pads, all such risks are efficiently sidestepped. Now, almost everyone incorporates these pads into their trampolines for enhancing the level of safety. But these pads are flimsy and not very durable and deteriorate with constant use. This is why replacing them at regular intervals is very necessary to upkeep the safety of your trampoline.

Replacement trampoline pads are easily available in the market that too from the well-known brands. These trampoline pads are more durable and promise a long life. They are similar to your old pads and will fit without a glitch. We have summed up the best trampoline replacement pads for you. If your original trampoline pad has worn out, you can pick any one of them according to your requirements.

Top 5 Trampoline Replacement Pads

1. SkyBound Best Trampoline Pads

Best Trampoline Pads Review

This replacement trampoline safety pad from SkyBound is comparatively easier to install without any trouble. The main difference with this safety pad is that you will not have to undo your enclosure system in order to assemble this pad. Therefore, it will save you a lot of time. SkyBound also offers customer service for assisting you in finding the right size pad for your trampoline. The safety pads from this brand are ranked first because of the high-grade materials involved in their construction. There are two options in trampoline pads- standard and premium. The standard pads provide a six month warranty however the premium safety pads will give you an incredible one year warranty. This fairly long warranty is another reason to make this deal attractive. The quality of stitching is premium and provides resilience to this trampoline pad.

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2. Upper Bounce Super Round Trampoline Pads

Upper Bounce Super Round Trampoline Pads

When you want a trampoline safety pad that is of very high quality, then Upper Bounce is definitely the best brand to go for. The safety pads from this brand have ½-inch thickness because of EPE quality foam. These pads are very efficient in absorbing shocks that come from bouncing and also resist water and mildew exceptionally well. Their proper size ensures a flawless fit on the trampoline. To tightly tie the safety pad to the frame of your trampoline, it has remarkable double rubber ties. The width of this pad is 10 inches and its skirt is 4-inch in dimension. There are various sizes available in this trampoline pad so that you can pick the one which fits exactly to your trampoline’s frame. What makes this pad different from others is its 6 month warranty from the manufacturer. It promises durability and hard-weariness.

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3. ACM Global Trampoline Pads

ACM Global Trampoline Pads

To make your trampoline pad purchasing deal worthwhile, this outstanding trampoline pad has various benefits. Unlike other trampoline pads, this one features an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and UV treated coating. It can fit trampoline from almost all brands. So, if your pads have reached ruptured condition, you can buy this pad without worrying about the trampoline brand. It has decent thickness to protect your kids scraping against pointy spring hooks. The space between the frame and mat is also covered effectually and thus eliminates the risk of tripping over the gap. PVC and EPE foam enable this pad to efficaciously resist water and mildew while also maintaining its upright shape. It comes with 16 double tie downs so that it secures and removes easily.

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4. Upper Bounce Premium Best Trampoline Pads

Upper Bounce Premium Trampoline Pads

The ¾-inch thick foam sets this trampoline aside from other trampoline pads available in the market. It features higher quality PVC on top to ensure resilience. They have a very high shock absorbent and enhanced density. The closed-cell foam is outstanding because of its water resistant quality. When water does not reach your springs and frame, they will remain rust proof and will last for a longer duration. Double rubber ties used for installing this trampoline pad on the frame make it extremely protective. This premium trampoline replacement safety pad is fabricated from 100% PVC for extra strength. Although this safety pad does not come with warranty, its built quality ensures a long-lasting product. You can purchase the safety pad depending on the size of your frame after measuring it precisely.

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5. AW 15’ Best Trampoline Pads Round Frame Replacement

AW 15’ Trampoline Pads Round Frame Replacement

This trampoline pad is manufactured from gym quality PVC that boasts extreme sturdiness. However the number of double tie-downs in this pad is lesser as when compared to other trampoline pads. It only has 12 tie-downs but they securely protect the pad at its exact position. This safety pad will not show wear sooner because it is cold crack protected and features UV treated coating as well. The level of hygiene is nicely taken care of in the fabrication of this pad and that is why it uses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial materials. It comes in one piece and therefore there is no need to disassemble your trampoline for installing it. The flap is also incorporated as the enclosure system in this pad. This flap nicely fits over the metal frame to hold the pad efficiently at its place. You will also love the thickness of this pad which is just right for better protection.

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These are some of the best trampoline pads available in the market right now. They are durable and built from topnotch materials that make certain the longevity and endurance of these trampoline replacement pads. Whenever your old trampoline pads give up, measure the accurate size of your frame and easily purchase any of these pads according to its size.

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