The Best Way To Buying a Trampoline

How to choose a trampoline? What makes a good trampoline? These are probably some of the common questions that boggle the mind of every first time buyer. If you too are fretting over this minor yet important concern we are glad to round up some advice here. This post on ‘what to look for when you buying a trampoline’ may actually help you pick the best out there.

From $200 to $1000, the price range for a trampoline is huge. But high price is not always the proof for the top quality as well. So, what is it that makes some trampoline more durable over others? Or why some trampolines offer more joyful experience than others? This post will definitely put an end to all your queries. There are three basic things that you must always ensure before buying a trampoline.

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Best Trampoline

How sturdily is the frame built?

Frame is the basic foundation of the whole structure. Resilience of the frame will eventually determine its durability and hard wearing property. Therefore, frame becomes one of the most concerning traits when you buy a trampoline. There are various metals that may be used to fabricate it but galvanized steel is considered the best at present. Other significant thing is to make sure that the frame features a wall thickness of more than 1.2 mm. A thick and strongly galvanized steel frame will offer robustness to the all-inclusive trampoline.

A weaker frame means that even your child can easily bend it if he falls on it unknowingly. And surely you will not want that. So, sturdy frame is the must.

Apart from the outer rim, strong legs and well-made T-joints are equally essential for a long-lasting and strong trampoline. The height for which it rises above the ground also plays a crucial role in deciding a trampoline. Thus, a trampoline with strong frame and stable legs that sit fairly above the ground are a good choice.

How can a bounce create difference?

Well, the main reason we buy a trampoline lies in its bouncing only. What is the point of buying a trampoline that does not lift you high? Every trampoline that is available in market has springs for providing nice bounce. In fact, there are certain models which use elastic bands or composite rods for providing bounce. So, whichever model you buy, ensuring a high-end bounce is undoubtedly important. The bounce offered by spring based trampolines is usually the highest and amazing for boundless joy. These trampolines employ two types of springs- short and long i.e. more than 6 inches in length.

Long springs are generally the best for delivering the highest bounce possible. Same goes with the number of springs that are integrated in the trampoline. The higher the number of springs, greater bounce you will experience. Short springs on the other hand reduce the bounce and thus they are used in the shoddily built trampolines to cope up with the poor construction. Shorter springs also signify that the frame is inferior and suits only the trampolines that are manufactured for one person at a time.

Trampolines for kids or small trampolines will work fine with short springs but not the large and outdoor trampolines. So, always buy a long spring model to bring home the highest bounce and great jumping experience.

NOTE: These days spring-free trampolines are becoming very popular. They claim their trampolines are the safest in the world.

The Best Springfree trampoline in the market…

Spring free trampoline

Why is safety the most important factor?

Just like trampolines, the injuries associated with them are also very common and have influenced millions of people worldwide. In a sheer excitement of trampoline bouncing with their friends, several kids have witnessed serious injuries when they suddenly hit the springs. It can cause cuts, bruises or severe wounds too. Even when you have prevented accidental fallings on the ground using enclosures, taking care of springs is also crucial.

One of the important things about the springs is to make certain that the springs are long and make a complete circle. This will allow for the maximum safety against the springs. Other things that can effectively reduce the possibility of injuries are:

  • Protective Padding: Well-cushioned springs with protective padding lessen the chance of getting hurt. The padding also covers the hard metal frame for further safety.
  • Safety Nets: These enclosures are never-failing companion for safe jumping. They prevent your child from falling out of the jumping pad. Also, make sure that the frame supporting these enclosures is built far away from the overall structure to avoid injuries related to frames.

Other than these highly significant factors, there are several other things that also affect your decision. This is to buy a UV resistant and durable construction material. A trampoline fabricated using a UV-resistant material will last longer even when it is used under a soaring sun. It enhances the life span of the trampolines and keeps them going in almost all weathers. So, now you know what makes a good trampoline.

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