Exercise Trampoline: The Benefits and Buying Guide

Jumping on your exercise trampoline can burn enormous calories in just half an hour! Yes, you got that right. Trampoline fitness is an amazing way of getting in shape without causing high impacts to your joints. Some of you may not agree with this idea because you are already submerged in love with high-intensity workouts. You may think that the rush of endorphins that is caused by those workouts cannot be replaced anyhow. But you got to believe that trampoline workout can actually produce the same feel-good hormones.

When you are in the rush of your hormones, you feel as if you have risen to power and can overcome anything. That is why you gradually begin to adore this high energy phase of your life. You will never to compromise that for whatever. So, we have got you the simplest yet the most effective replacement of your long workout session, trampoline. When you use exercise trampoline, you can do no matter what. You can perform kicks, squats, shuffles and other such goofy moves to get the same result.

If studies unfolded by NASA are to be believed, trampolining can even surpass running done for the same duration of time. It is fun and fitness both together. No extra pressure and hard impacts on your joints. This means happy knees to you! When you compare it with other physical activities like walking or jogging that you usually undergo, you will find that the amount of calories burned in rebounding is the highest. When you jump on trampoline, all the major muscle groups of your body equally participate in the activity and execute full range motions.

Trampolining is the best for cardio workouts and burns the highest amount of calories efficiently. If you are a cardio lover, you must definitely try rebounding for overwhelming results. However, to make most of your trampoline fitness, it is important to draw a proper exercise chart with effective exercises being included there.

Benefits Of Exercise Trampoline

It burns a huge amount of calories

Who would not want to burn extra calories knowing how crucial they can be for weight reduction? Everyone, I assume. And having a exercise trampoline positioned in your living area is actually a boon to do so. It is almost like eating a big piece of chocolate cake and enjoying few jumps at your convenience. Just kidding! The amount of calories that you can burn using a mini-trampoline depends entirely on the intensity of your workout. If you take your trampoline workout seriously and put a lot of effort into it (which is less than a regular workout) you can actually burn 400 to 800 calories in just an hour. Some of the high-end moves like jumping jacks, split jumps, frog leaps and stomping will leave your heart rate soaring high.

It shapes your abs and thighs

Performing a series of small and controlled movements on rebounders will effectively activate every fiber of your muscles to sculpt and tone them. There are several rebound exercises which will make sure that your jumping style is working for all the major muscle groups. When you jump high on these trampolines, most of the effort is being made by your thighs and abs which naturally shapes them. You would really love how impressive your abs and thighs will look with regular trampoline workout. You don’t have to spend a lot on buying high-end exercise equipment or to take out enough time for going to a gym. This one trampoline is a tailor-made solution to almost all your fitness requirements.

It is a low-impact exercise

Even when trampolining is a low-impact exercise, it produces same result as that of a high-intensity workout. Jumping on this bouncy bed of trampoline is extremely gentle to your joints. Because the trampolines have heightened elasticity, they effectually absorb the hard impacts of the surface and eliminate pressure off the joints. If you are an avid runner you would know that long-distance running gradually affects your knees. Knees may begin to hurt over time with running or jogging. In fact, there are several cases where runners even had to undergo serious injuries. However, no such issue is faced with trampoline exercise. You can enjoy high-intensity workouts that too without having to strain your joints.

It gives a well-rounded complete workout

People are of the opinion that trampoline for exercise is not a good idea because it is more focused on leg and back muscles. But this is absolutely incorrect because trampolining is a great option for whole body workout. Apart from jumping and bouncing, the arm muscles are also toned when you throw punches and jabs. Therefore, trampoline is a great way of ab and arm strengthening too. You can incorporate crunches and dips to your daily routine for fast and effective results. The jumping surface of the trampoline is very wobbly and thus it demands greater stability while jumping. In an attempt to make unwavering balance on this surface, you actually build a strong sense of balance.

So, using a trampoline for exercise will not only tone and strengthen your body but it will also improve your natural gait by allowing more balanced pacing.

The benefits do not end here. It is true that the trampoline workout is immensely effective in muscle strengthening but what you still don’t know is their detoxification property. Yes, it also detoxifies the cells present in your body which has another innumerable health and skin benefits. The exercise can easily be categorized as a low-impact workout which is good for people with joint issues.

Be ready to improve your health in the most interesting way possible and get in shape without a lot of efforts. Rebounding regularly will energize each cell of your body and will circulate more oxygen to them. So, buy the best exercise trampoline today and fill your monotonous lifestyle with more excitement and health.

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Exercise Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline is not a jumping toy anymore. It has become one of the most sought after exercise to remain fit. Over the years, use of trampolines has become widespread across all age groups. Trampolining is no more restricted to fun and now is a part and parcel of our fit lives. People have found productive ways to accomplish fitness via trampoline. Unlike the olden times, this adventure sport is now considered highly beneficial for health as well.

Yes! You heard it right. Even NASA scientists found that exercise done via trampoline is beneficial than jogging or other forms of exercise.

We agree with our friends at NASA!


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Biomedical Research Division, NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California-94035; and Wenner-Gren Research Laboratory, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 40506

Imagine doing ‘Exercise’ with lots of fun. Numerous health benefits are provided via this ‘child’s play’ per various other studies, for example, a thesis presented by a student of Ohio University recommends that mini-trampoline exercise can fight child obesity and kids will learn to associate exercise with fun. It is also true that Jumping on a trampoline is considered far better than jogging or walking because it is comparatively less stressful. While you jump on a trampoline, your body weight seems considerably reduced and this leads to decreased pressure on your joints.

Trampoline is considered as one of the best cardiovascular workouts. Almost all the major muscle groups of your body equally participate in this physical activity and evenly distribute your body weight for unwavering balance. When you jump on trampoline regularly, you will notice a sense of rejuvenation which is caused by the re-energizing of your body nerves. The use of a trampoline for daily exercise will make sure that you burn enough calories and gain proper muscle movement.

Enough! I can keep on going like this. I can present you various studies on the benefits of trampolines for health. You know trampolines are great for exercise. That is why you’re looking for exercise trampoline. But you want to know how to choose the best exercise trampoline? Isn’t?

There are hundreds of different exercise trampoline available with varied features and therefore it may be tricky to select the best Exercise trampoline especially the one that fits your requirement. Well, leave your worries aside as we will provide the perfect buying guide on the trampoline for exercise.

Our experts have gone all-out to compile this guide which will answer the most common question that most of you have in mind- ‘what to look for when buying a trampoline for exercise?’ We have rounded up all the major aspects of trampolines which make it impeccable for workout usage.

What to look for when buying a exercise trampoline?

We will look and study the size, shape, its capacity, modern trampolines and much more in the below sections.

Trampoline Size:

Trampolines are no longer a simple fun device it has developed to be more intricate in terms of size, shapes, and other features. The size is one of the most crucial points to consider before selecting a trampoline for daily exercise. Usually, if you exercise alone and do not have several jumpers in your family, you can consider buying a mini-trampoline. Mini trampolines (Also called as rebounder) have more bounce and they are perfect for making most of your workout regimen. However, in case you have partners or kids to accompany you then you can settle on a medium-sized or may be a big trampoline per the space arrangements you have at your place or backyard.

Trampoline Shape:

Exercise Trampoline

From round to oval and rectangular to square, there are various shapes available nowadays. The shape selection is a matter of personal preference which is influenced by several aspects. Round trampolines are good for your home if there is a small accommodation space. They have a great bounce too and are perfect for a daily work out. There are different sizes available in round trampolines so that you can pick any size according to the number of participants. But, let’s say, if you are going to place them in your garden and your group of friends will do the workout together, you can go for a rectangular trampoline, however, they are more commonly used by professionals along with its high-end cost.

The best thing is now you can even carry foldable trampolines as they are small in size, lightweight and is great for those people who love going at some far and quiet place for performing their workout regime.

Weight Capacity:

Weight capacity is another crucial point which plays a major role in deciding a perfect trampoline for your exercise routine. It is directly proportional to the number of participants. Different trampolines have different weight capacity so before selecting one keep the number of participants using it at the same time.

Electronic Fitness Trampolines:

Trampoline manufacturers have designed these special fitness trampolines for all those who want to make their workout innovative yet energetic. Advanced electronic devices are incorporated into these trampolines that keep track of the number of jumps you perform in a minute. They are also capable of displaying total time spend on the trampoline and also a number of calories that you burn. These trampolines are expensive among all other types for the reason stated above.

Trampoline Pads and Covers:

These are the protective parts of a trampoline to make sure no one is injured from the hard springs while exercising. Protection parts are extremely useful in terms of saving oneself from injury, it is necessary that you buy a trampoline which uses high-grade pads and covers. Some high-end trampolines use pads and covers fabricated from UV resistant material that withstands age and the sun effectively. Also, a cover which can be removed and washed whenever it accumulates dirt and debris is a must buy for outdoor usage. As you are exercising to stay fit thus hygienic components are an added advantage.

Already own a trampoline, but don’t have this protection? Then you can get one on Amazon.

Trampoline Nets and Enclosures:

A perfect safety enclosure is vital to look for when buying a trampoline. Safety enclosures are important not only for kids but also for adults and fitness freaks, you would not like to get injury amidst all the fun right? There are various exercises included in trampoline workout which require unusual jumping and its execution varies and requires safety. Therefore, performing in the safety of enclosures will prevent any possibility of injury and accidental falling.

When you buy a sturdily-built trampoline that uses the premium quality components in its construction, you will have a long-lasting and hard-wearing trampoline. So no one is stopping you from achieving health in a fun way. A top-quality trampoline is a must for this fun filling adventurous journey to health. Hope the above guide will help you in selecting the best exercise trampoline to make your fitness regime more productive.

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