Skywalker 8′ Trampoline Reviews – The Good & The Bad

Skywalker 8′ trampoline reviews: This well-known and loved classic trampoline is perfect for any member of the family because it provides stability and a great bounce. Skywalker trampolines were born out of the desire to provide safe family fun for everyone.

skywalker 8ft trampoline reviews

Skywalker 8′ Trampoline Reviews


Enclosure System

Every backyard trampoline Skywalker sell comes complete with their patented no gap enclosure system. This unique enclosure system attaches the enclosure net to the jumping service at each and every spring eliminating dangerous gaps. The enclosure net is tightly woven so fingers can’t pass through and the poles of the enclosure system are foam padded and angled at the top to ensure sufficient distance between the net and poles. The enclosure net entry is equipped with a dual closure system featuring a heavy-duty zipper and positive latch clips for added security.

Trampoline Springs

Skywalker Trampoline springs are made of tightly coiled heavy gauge steel and are galvanized for improved rust resistance. For added safety, they design every trampoline with the springs on the outside of the enclosure net so jumpers cannot come in contact with them. Furthermore, the springs are covered with a thick UV resistant vinyl coated spring pad that is secured to both the springs and the frame.

The Frame

The frame of the trampoline is made of galvanized steel for a strong rust resistant. T sockets at each trampoline leg and enclosure joint increased the stability of the trampoline and prevent structural twisting vastly improved over simple welded joints. Additionally, the sockets provide for easy and sturdy installation of the enclosure poles.

The Size

Skywalker 8′ trampoline feet is pretty good-sized but from another angle, it’s only 8 feet. It also cuts off 2 foot from the entry point. Really small which makes it a little scary to do tricks. So if you’re doing the laid out trick it’s kind of scary because you’re gonna hit the poles and pads.


Now we’re going to look up how easier hard is to set up. It is hard to set up when you don’t know what you’re doing. If you understand what you’re doing It’s really easy the only difficulty is putting up the neck and putting each of these sprinkles through the net because like sometimes you skip one they happen to us and you have to start over so just don’t skip one. Overall it’s pretty easy to setup.

Bounce test

Bounce is the important aspect of a trampoline. Probably y’all want to know how bouncy it is. Skywalker is known for its bounce and safety. There is not a problem as of now. We bought this trampoline before three months. The bounce is very good and we hope it will continue to bounce well.


We bought the trampoline for $159 and it was a pretty good deal. Skywalker produces lots and lots of trampoline and they come up with really cheap prices. Well, but they don’t compromise on the quality. It is the best bet for your buck.

Our Verdict

The trampoline is eight by fourteen and so for the size, I would give it a 4 out of 5 for bounce I would give it a 4 out of 5 for quality and overall bang for your buck I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 because it’s a really good cheap trampoline for amateurs and if you’re around our skill set like just learning doubles or like have doubles lock down then you should probably get this trampoline because it’s pretty good. Striving to keep safety first with their patents and innovative design Skywalker trampolines elevating outdoor family entertainment. In my Skywalker 8′ trampoline reviews I would definitely suggest this because it does perform well and it is very cheap. 

Skywalker 8' Trampoline Reviews


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