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Skywalker Trampoline Review

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews: With the ever-growing living standards of people, various entertaining yet effective measures are being created to provide an easy way of staying in shape. Among these high-value exciting fitness regimens, Skywalker trampoline has emerged out to be the favorite choice of many fitness fanatics. Apart from fitness purposes, it is also considered as the most prominent source of outdoor entertainment for children. Therefore, we decided to create this best Skywalker trampoline reviews here. This attempt is made with the hope of helping every trampoline seeker so that they may buy the high-quality and best trampoline out there.

Skywalker is one of the most reliable trampoline manufacturers that have introduced several high-end trampolines over the years. This 15 feet round Skywalker trampoline is yet another great source of entertainment for any family that is eyeing to buy one.

Our Best Pick

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews

This is the safest trampoline with top-quality enclosure and spring pads. You can use it either for your daily workout or can gift it to your children. Your kids are going to fall in love with this outdoor source of physical activity. And this will also give you a much-wanted peace of mind that your kids are not spending too much time on gadgets and are vigorously involved in physical activities as well.

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews

skywalker rectangle trampoline reviews

Overall Design

Speaking of the overall appearance of this Skywalker trampoline, its low weight is one of the most attention-grabbing traits. The trampoline has a compact design and weighs only 20 pounds. The weight is surprisingly less as when compared to other trampolines from different brands. It results into a super flexible and easy to move trampoline. You can move the trampoline wherever you want all alone and also stow it without taking a lot of space.

The design is also kept very smart with eye-catching color options to choose from. Your kids will be attracted to the trampoline as soon as you set it up in your backyard. The lightweight and easily movable design of the trampoline is immensely efficient in meeting the needs of both kids and parents. All the parts and components of this trampoline are extremely straightforward and effortless to assemble. It will take near around two hours for you to establish this whole setup without much hassle.

However, you must be attentive while assembling different parts of the equipment to put them sequentially. If anyhow you establish it in a wrong manner, it can lead to unwanted accidents. Skywalker’s customer support is all-time available, and you can contact them for detailed information to avoid any issue with the establishment of the equipment.

You will receive your product in 2 boxes. All the necessary and highly valuable components of the trampoline are all inside these packages. The vital tools like T-sockets, W-shaped legs and net interlocks are all packed inside it nicely. These gears are durable and hard-wearing that will boost the resilience of the trampoline.

Key Features

Size & Shape

This incredibly amazing Trampoline by Skywalker is smartly engineered to enrich the aesthetics of your garden or backyard wherever you may place it. The round shape of the trampoline is otherwise very common and one of the most selected shapes too. It has a nice bounce evenly distributed across the jumping surface and always retains the users towards the center. The diameter of this round trampoline is 15 feet which are large enough to accommodate several users at a time. So, whether you have more than one kid in your family or you want to jump along with your kid, the jumping mat provides enough area for everyone.

Net Enclosure and Spring Pads

It has the well-knitted net enclosure circling the jumping mat. The safety enclosure is fabricated from the finest material for enhanced durability and security of your child in the long term. The net is also resistant to the harmful UV rays so that you can rest assured of a hard-wearing trampoline even under the hot sun. The spring pads are also very well-formed to cover the springs as efficiently as possible. Both the safety net and protective pads are built to last and will not show any wear or tear easily.

The net enclosure is also connected to the jumping mat in a unique way. This innovative approach of interlocking the two surfaces using a patented button-hole feature has impressively eliminated the gap between the mat and net. This has further improved the safety aspect of this trampoline. The mat and net enclosure are nicely attached to one another and do not leave a passage for the jumper to get stuck.


Heavy-gauge galvanized steel is used in the manufacture of this trampoline. This steel is also rust-resistant and thus can be placed outside in all weathers. The solid construction applied in the trampoline ensures no structural twisting. It can easily bear weight up to the capacity of 200lb. And can be used by anyone above the age of 6. The overall dimension of this trampoline is 15×15×9.5 Feet. Overall, the trampoline has a long-lasting construction and excellent shape and size which make it perfect for a big family.


In our Skywalker trampoline review, we’ve taken care of this stability part with most concern. Stability is the most crucial concern of every buyer when purchasing trampolines. No one would want that their trampolines overturn when their kids are inclining more on either side. Thus, bearing the importance of immovability in mind, Skywalker has made this trampoline immensely stable. The effective components like T-sockets, net interlocks, and extremely sturdy 6 W-shaped legs keep it highly steadfast in their position. Each and every component used in the establishment of this equipment is durable and robust. This makes the trampoline to last long even after heavy use.


Skywalker Trampoline Reviews: Pros and Cons

This Skywalker trampoline has a huge number of advantages that make it the best option to consider when buying a trampoline.

  • It provides unwavering and high safety.
  • The trampoline features a durable built.
  • It’s resilient frame and high-grade enclosure are excellent.
  • It is comfortable and easy to set up.
  • The overall trampoline is weather-resistant because of the UV protective materials.

This premium trampoline has no disadvantages. Even when the trampoline seems quite expensive, you will see it yourself that it is worth every dollar that goes out of your pocket.

Wrap Up

We understand that when you buy such high-end products, there is a huge investment being made. No one will be happy about spending such a huge sum on something that didn’t even deserve it. Therefore, we rounded up this great quality trampoline and its honest review here. Skywalker 15 feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pads is high-grade equipment that will make your investment worthwhile. This Skywalker trampoline is good for workout and fun. We’ve created the Skywalker Trampoline Reviews to keep you updated about it. We would highly recommend this Skywalker trampoline to anyone who can spend this much amount for purchasing a top quality outdoor trampoline.

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