We Asked Why Does Springfree Trampoline Exist?

Well, Springfree trampolines are hugely popular these days. We have researched deeply about the pros and the cons of Springfree trampolines in a different post. In this post, we want to hear from the founder of Springfree trampoline about its invention. We asked him;

Why does Springfree trampoline exist?

Well, this is what he replied.

See the simple answer to your question is safety. We work hard to reduce trampoline injuries by coming up with a safer design. When I got married and we had a daughter I wanted her to have a trampoline. My wife said no no they’re too dangerous. I did a bit of research and found that she was right.

Springfree Trampoline : Our Pick

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In u.s. there are a hundred thousand children a year injured on trampolines and those injuries comprised mostly children falling on the frame or the springs or falling off altogether. So as an inventor I thought maybe I can do something about this. We’ve taken the hard edge away we’ve taken the springs and the holes away we’ve put a net around it so that you can’t fall off and those are the main hazards.

Trampoline manufacturers are in business to make money and while there are standards that ensure safety I think Springfree has taken a way beyond that and trying to get rid of the hazards altogether by designing them out rather than patching them up with band-aids and pads. I’ve always believed that as an engineer I should be doing things that benefit people.

Engineering is taking the great forces of nature for the good and benefit of mankind that’s one of the old definitions that we’re told at the beginning of engineering school and I agree with that. I’m quite proud that Springfree as a company that is leading in this respect. It is a company that is bought into a vision of keeping children safer and produces the best trampolines in the market.

Well, if you’re looking to buy the safest trampoline on the earth, as of now Springfree is the go-to option for sure.

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