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Best Square Trampoline Reviews 2018

Trampoline exercises have way more advantages and health benefits as compared to running or other aerobic exercises. They provide a high impact on the surface that makes it a better and safer way of becoming healthier. Children require exercise for their daily growth and development which is usually achieved through playing and engaging in sports. The risk of injuring is significantly reduced when using one of the best square trampoline as the impact is effectively absorbed. There are many trampolines in the market today offering different features of their product. You may be trying to figure out the type of trampoline which is the best in the market. Skywalker is a major industry player who has a history of making high quality and effective trampolines. And when it comes to finding the best square trampoline, Skywalker trampolines is the go-to option.

Why should I choose a Square Shape Trampoline?

If you’re looking for a trampoline in your backyard or your home, it is advisable that you choose the best square trampoline model. This ensures that it fits right in any space with orthogonal shapes having better versatility compared to the round shapes trampolines. Square trampolines also offer a lot of advantages, one of which include better safety for the children. The Skywalker square shaped trampolines have a higher weight limit compared to the round variations as well as they allow one to jump relatively higher. This means that your children have a less risk of getting hurt while having fun on the trampoline.

Why you should choose The Skywalker Square Trampoline?

Providing quality trampolines since 2004 and other play equipment, they develop a range of fun and safe products which help in keeping children engaged actively in outdoor activities. One of the most revolutionary products includes the most searched and recognized brand in the trampoline industry. It continues to improve their products as well as increase the variety of products they offer with the latest technology. There are a variety of trampolines that they offer, from the Olympic size 17″ premium trampoline to the 8′ round variety both with a safety enclosure they provide quality trampolines. But Skywalker provides on the best square trampoline.

The Best Square Trampoline – Best Pick

Best Square Trampoline

Skywalker  Best Square Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad Review

Best Square Trampoline Reviews

The Skywalker range is one of the best square trampoline series in the industry, and the 15″ trampoline is no different. This trampoline offers fun and entertainment value for everyone. With its simple design, it looks like the traditional style trampoline which produces enough jumping excitement for everyone.

This rust resistant steel that is galvanized which utilizes t-sockets makes the Skywalker 15″ frame even more durable. The gap-free design button-hole technology is connected via a gap-free design. This allows the safety pad to stay in place to compensate for the lack of ropes or threads. Moreover, the stay pad is made from a material that offers effective UV protection ensuring the durability during the summer heat and external weather conditions. Here is a list of the key features:

Higher Weight Capacity

Has a maximum weight of 2501bs (113.4kilograms) which allows a good number of children to indulge at the same time It also allows them to actively jump because of the added weight that is caused by gravity.

Unique T-Bracket Technology

Its frame assembly features a unique T-Bracket technology which is important to secure the enclosure frame effectively. This helps in achieving better stability allowing sturdiness for the trampoline during jumping. This is key to ensure that the trampoline does not get dismantled hence making it one of the best square trampolines in the market by Skywalker.

High-Quality UV Safety Pad

The safety pad material features ultimate UV protection. This is put into consideration given that it is mainly an outdoor product. The heat and sun rays, especially during summer, can be very harsh causing fading and wear and tear of the material. This trampoline offers one of the best vinyl-coated safety pads that are extra wide connected to high-quality springs.

The Stay-put Safety Enclosure

This well-designed enclosure ensures paramount safety for the children. It is attached to the base of enclosure netting that allows it to be more firm and responsive in any case. It features a button hole that effectively eliminates gaps without the threading ropes. This design makes it an effective trampoline and one of the best square trampolines in the region. You can have carefree fun with this feature because Skywalker has the ultimate solution.

Foam Padded Steel Frame

For better safety and higher durability, the steel frame features soft foam. This allows it to handle more stress and impact on collusion. This reduces the chances of injury as they children play.

Exceeds ASTM Safety Standard

This standard typically enhances the performance and allow consumers to gain confidence in the product. ATSM operate globally and deal with a variety of products. The Skywalker Square Trampoline, therefore, meets this internationally recognized stand which make the product safer.

Features Relatively More Bounce and Jumping Surface

It features large coils that are over 7″ in length and 72 springs in number. This ensures a higher bounce and more strength when it comes to all heavier children. This ensures that children can effectively bounce higher within the safe heights. It also features 1″, 12 springs which are gold in color to enhance the bounce effect of the best square trampoline Skywalker has to offer.

Easier Installation

With the various parts in the box and straight forward instructions were given, it is easy to assemble the parts. You can set up the trampoline in about 20 to 45 minutes hence making it such an easy process.

Wider Structural Support

It features leg pieces which have a thickness of 3″ with a 16-gauge steel that is galvanized. This ensures that the trampoline is stable and sturdy even during rigorous jumping which prevents the collapse of the trampoline.

Guaranteed Warranty

Skywalker also offers a one-year warranty on the framework. This suggests that the frame is very durable and hence their warranty over a year for the parts and accessories, they offer a 90day warranty that suggests the high quality of the trampoline.

Final Words

Skywalker is one of the best square trampoline in the market. To be honest we could not pin point any negatives from the consumer reviews. All in all, the Skywalker 15″ square trampoline is one of the trampolines to look out for in the market. Their quality is paramount which provides quality entertainment for your children, which makes it safe and fun.

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