Trampoline Workout: Jump to Strengthen Your Lower Body

If you have recently incorporated trampolines in your daily exercise, you would probably be looking for some nice workout. But why do we choose trampoline workout? Most of us choose them because trampolines offer health and fun both at the same time. So, the main element of  this workout must not be missed anyhow. Keeping this in mind, we have rounded up some of the best and exciting exercises here. These simple yet effective trampoline exercise will not only keep you fit but are also super exciting to do.

Why Trampoline Workout Is Great?

Regular gym or land workouts may be quite boring because of the high impact moves they require. Trampoline workout on the other hand is a seamless way of sweating with fun. With jump workouts, you will quickly tone and tighten your muscles and also burn calories. Unlike running or jogging which cause huge stress on the joints, this is the most effective cardio workout.

We have laid a simple 20 minutes workout here in this post which is extremely good for toning your muscles and keeping your heart pumping blood. So, get ready to jump for better health!

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Simple Warm-up

Always perform a gentle warm-up for 2 to 3 minutes before you set out on implementing trampoline workout. This warm-up can be performed by simply jumping up and down vertically. These basic movements will pump enough blood so as to get started. It will also prepare the joints and muscles of your body and will lay a ground for high-intensity workout. After jumping effortlessly for few minutes take some time to cool down before you begin your exercises. When your heart rate is back to normal again follow these below-mentioned exercises.

Straight Jump

This is a simple elevation bounce which requires high lower limb force to rise up. You must elevate your feet really high so as to lift your entire body to a great height.

Time Taken: Perform the exercise few times where each lift takes 30 seconds with an active rest of 30 seconds.

  • Extend your hands straight above your head in the air and stand tall on the jumping surface of the trampoline.
  • Jump up high in the same position and try to retain the same posture with your arms raised erectly.
  • Properly land on the bed maintaining the exact position.

Seat Drop

Seat Drop is an efficient limb strengthening trampoline workout. It can be executed by anyone without putting lots of efforts.

Time Taken: You must execute a complete trampoline exercise for at least 5 to 6 times. It takes 30 seconds for one lift and you can take a rest in between two executions of about 30 seconds.

  • Raise your hands up in the air at your sides and stand tall.
  • Lift your body up and while in the air bring your legs up in front of you. This is same like sitting with your legs spread in front. Lower your arms and move your palms down to the bottom so that they point towards the toes.
  • While landing, come back to your starting position and land straight on your feet.

Pike Jump

This is another fun yet effective activity that can be easily performed on a trampoline for fitness. It will strengthen your lower body and torso both to give you amazing results.

Time Taken: Beginning with 3 to 4 jumps a day, you can further increase the number of pike jumps. It will hardly take 2 to 3 minutes in performing this high-end fitness move. Take a break of 30 seconds in between each jump.

  • Keep your arms at the sides of your body and stand straight on the trampoline.
  • Bring your legs up when you jump such that they come parallel to the ground. Now keep the legs straight and pointing out and reach your toes with both your arms.
  • Come to your original position while landing on the ground again and stand tall on your feet.

Tuck Jump

Tuck jump is basically hugging your folded legs close to your body while you are in the weightless position on the top of each jump. It is easy however ensuring safe landing is extremely crucial.

Time Taken: Depending on the number of jumps you perform daily, the time taken in completing this part will differ. Initially you can start with 3 to 4 jumps and gradually increase their number when you feel confident of an improved balance.

  • Like other exercises, stand straight and keep your hands at side.
  • Jump high and pull up your knees near your upper body and grab them with your hands. You can hold either of your knees or ankles according to your convenience.
  • While landing, raise your hands above your head and come to your feet to stand straight.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is one of the most common parts of fitness training. Performing this exercise on a trampoline will yield more advantages and fit body. It is extremely effective in stretching each body part including your arms as well.

Time Taken: This is the easiest workout that you can execute on a trampoline without worrying about an improper balance. Therefore, you can perform a good number of jumping jacks for almost 5 minutes to notice huge results.

  • Maintain your arms at the sides of your body and stand tall with your feet flat on the trampoline.
  • Jump up and spread your legs out to point opposite sides in a line. Keep them extended and take your arms high in the air over your head. When you are at the topmost position of your jump bring your hands together to clasp them at top.
  • Come back to your initial position while landing and land with your feet flat on the trampoline.

These are the five best trampoline workout that are not only fun to sweat but are equally effective as well. You would love the ease of execution and incredibly amazing results in few weeks. You do not have to undergo some high-intensity workouts now with these simple exercises.

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