Cleaning Trampoline & The Mat In A Easy & Right Way

Cleaning Trampoline: Most trampolines, unless they are in gyms, are put outside in people’s backyards where the sun, rain, trees, bugs, and dirt can make it quite unusable in no time at all. If you didn’t have the foresight or budget to get yourself an all-weather trampoline cover, then simply follow these tips to clean your trampoline and make it look like new again.

You know it’s time to clean your trampoline when a cloud of dust seems to appear upon every bounce, even if the mat doesn’t look dirty. Black mats easily hide the dirtiness within the threading so be sure to protect your trampoline investment by giving it a good clean every once in a while. Maintaining not just the mat but also the frames, springs, and other parts will make sure your trampoline will last. It doesn’t matter what type or size of trampoline that you have. Whether you have a mini-trampoline or even a rebounder under the basketball hoop or a whopping 16ft trampoline, they all share the same basic components and parts and require the same care.

The easiest way to clean off dust and debris requires no fancy tools at all. If you have an indoor broom or a broom that is fairly clean (after all you want to clean, not make it more dirty) then you should be able to use it for a good all-around cleaning of your trampoline. If you have pads covering the frame and springs, you will need to remove it first so you can get at the dirt trapped in those areas as well. Hop on the trampoline and sweep it like you would any floor, working from one end to the other. If you notice any small holes or tears, then you might want to stop and save yourself some work. This is because your mat may need to be replaced, so why clean an unusable trampoline mat? Small tears will only get bigger over time, so the actual timeline to replace it depends on your comfort with it being an injury hazard to your kids. Use some good common sense here and check it often. You’re simply putting off the inevitable at this point.

Using a broom is the easiest day-to-day way to keep the trampoline clean. However, if you have bird droppings or it really needs a deep clean, then you can give it a spray with your garden hose. Just about all trampolines should be weatherproof since they are placed outside so a little water won’t hurt it. Make sure the area underneath can absorb water otherwise you may cause the ground to become slippery and muddy. You can get yourself a sponge and some soap in a bucket and start scrubbing the trampoline mat. You can also clean the trampoline pad off with water as well at this point. Spray off the soap with your garden hose again and then get a towel and pat the surface dry. Leaving water on the trampoline mat can cause the mat to lose tension, so drying is a critical step that is not to be missed.

Keep up with some routine maintenance and you will find that you have less work to do each time. Do a daily sweeping and weekly or monthly hose-down with soap optional depending on how dirty it gets. Protect your investment with a good all-weather trampoline cover if you want to save yourself this extra work in the future.

Cleaning Trampoline Mat

Cleaning Trampoline Mat: There are two ways of cleaning a trampoline.

1. One way is by using a liquid soap
2. Another is by using Pine Glo.

Liquid SoapTake a few buckets and fill them with lukewarm water. Pour liquid soap into the buckets until there are lots and lots of foam. Before applying the soapy water, soak the trampoline mat with water. You can do it with a water hose. Make sure you wet the entire mat. Get on the trampoline with your friends with the buckets and scrub brushes. Scrub the entire mat with the soapy water. Even scrubbing a trampoline can be fun. You can make it into a game and play with your friends with some fun music playing in the background. That way, you get to have fun as well as clean your trampoline at the same time!

Make sure you scrub every inch of the trampoline. After you are done, get off the trampoline and rinse all the soap off with a hose pipe. Aim well and let the water get all the soap off the mat. If the soap doesn’t get off, the mat will become sticky and slimy so rinse it thoroughly. After rinsing the mat, leave it under the sun to dry off. If you are in a hurry to use the trampoline again, you can use towels to dry it off.

Pine GloSpray Pine Glo all over the trampoline mat. Spray more over the particularly dirty spots.Take a washcloth. Make sure it is bubbly. Get on your trampoline and wash the Pine Glo off with water and the washcloth.You can again, take your friends’ help if you find it boring by yourself. Make it into a fun game!Let the mat dry in the sun or use towels if you need it soon.

There you go! cleaning trampoline mat is as simple as that. Just pick a day when you are free and invite your friends over for a fun scrubbing session of your trampoline. You get to have loads of fun with a gleaming trampoline to boot!

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