The Worlds Safest Trampoline Brands & Safety Rules

The Worlds Safest Trampoline Brands & Safety Rules

Kids absolutely love to jump up and down on things. Purchasing a safest trampoline for toddlers from a reputable trampoline brand is a sure way to satisfy this desire and save your mattresses. Sometimes the innocent fun of jumping on a trampoline can turn tragic if a toddler bounces off of the trampoline. There are more than 100,000 people treated every year for trampoline-related injuries. Here is a trampoline safety statistics.

safest trampoline consumer reports
Safest trampoline consumer reports

There are some ways for your kids to have fun and stay safe from injury at the same time.

Here is what you’ve to do to be safe on a trampoline

1. Finding the safest trampoline brands in the market
2. Find the safest trampoline in the world
3. Understanding the trampoline safety rules
4. Grounding rules for the trampoline

In this post, I will cover the above topics one by one.

Safest Trampoline Brands On The Market

BrandSizeWeight LimitRatingAmazon
Springfree Oval Trampoline
Springfree Trampoline
10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft220lbs4.6Check Price
AlleyOOP Trampoline With Enclosure
AlleyOOP 14’ VariableBounce Trampoline with Integrated Safety Enclosure
12ft, 14ft250lbs4.5Check Price
Skywalker Trampoline
Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad
10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft200lbs4.3Check Price

Safest Trampoline In The World

Even though Skywalker trampoline and Alleyoop trampoline is very good and produced some excellent and safest backyard trampoline, the title winner for the safest trampoline in the world is the Springfree trampoline. In fact Springfree trampoline is leading the trampoline safety ratings.

Springfree Trampolines seem to think so and have created a safest outdoor trampoline which eliminates the very factors which cause the accidents associated with the trampoline. In fact, they claim their trampolines are 99% accident-free.

Springfree™ Trampoline is the only trampoline that has effectively removed the four areas that can cause injury:
1. The springs
2. The risk of falling off
3. The steel frame at the jumping surface
4. The risk of falling into rigid enclosure poles

The Springfree™ Trampoline was designed by New Zealand engineer Dr. Keith Alexander, at the University of Canterbury. After 12 years of injury prevention research, the design was commercialized in 2003 and is now sold in 15 countries.

The trademarked Trampoline was designed to create a recreational trampoline that was significantly safer and fun to use. Representing the first truly revolutionary design variant since the original trampoline was released in the 1930s, Springfree™ Trampoline brings you a smart, safety-conscious design from a team of world-class of engineers.

Trampolines have been with us for almost 70 years. As their popularity has increased, so have the injury statistics.  Until recently the solution to managing impact risks has been to supply add-on padding, rigid-pole barriers, and safety guidelines.

The patented SoftEdge Technology (SET) developed by SpringFree Trampolines had a “Zero Impact Zone” target. It is the result of the first genuine engineering effort designed to remove all sources of impact injury from the domestic trampoline.

The best way to remove hazards is to design them out completely. This is always superior to providing guards, pads or warnings. In order to remove (and not just attenuate) each of the impact zones identified in conventional trampoline design, a whole set of novel engineering strategies needed to be developed and tested.  Designs were roughed out, prototyped, tried, patented, and then thoroughly field-tested over a number of years.

The final result is an integrated set of sub-assemblies that in concert, remove all the impact zones inherent in the traditional design, and deliver the world’s safest trampoline. There are a number of design issues with the edges of conventional trampolines. Because they are constrained in having a frame and springs around the edge of the jumping surface, the safety goals have been to:

Protect the jumper from falling through the holes between the springs protect the jumper from hitting the steel frame Prevent the jumper from falling off entirely Protect the jumper from combinations of the above Do this at low-cost Conventional solutions have been to provide padding that is intended to both:

1. Cover the springs to prevent injury from the springs themselves and stop jumpers from falling through the springs;
2. Cover the frame with impact attenuation material to prevent injury from falling on the frame.

SpringFree’s Claim to Being the Safest Trampoline

Results of research into the cause of injuries show that about 52% of hospital visits from conventional trampolines result from falling off the trampoline altogether. Because Springfree has made the enclosure an integral part of its design and only sell the trampoline with an enclosure, there is little chance that injuries will result from people falling off.

Quoted data is sourced from Australian studies. All Springfree™ Trampoline testing is sourced in Australia, as it has the most stringent trampoline standard worldwide.

Fay recommends: If you are concerned about safety, or have very young children using the trampoline, it may be worth investing in such an innovative trampoline. There is no doubt that springfree produce the safe trampolines for toddlers and it is the safest trampoline to buy.

Springfree Trampoline Reviews

Trampoline Safety Rules & Safety Guidelines

To make sure everyone does stay safe, you’ll need to know the basic trampoline safety rules, and be sure to tell your children and especially your teenagers, preferably before anyone gets on the trampoline.

One of the major causes of a child falling off of a toddler trampoline is jumping at the same time as another child. When multiple children are jumping and one comes down before the other, the stretchy material in the toddler trampoline becomes rock hard. This loss of elasticity can cause the second child to fall off the trampoline and possibly become injured. In order to avoid injury, only one child should jump on a trampoline at a time.

Trampoline Safety Rules

Some toddler trampoline models come with safety netting as part of their design. This safety netting surrounds the trampoline and decreases the risk of a child falling off the trampoline. If the trampoline has already been purchased, there are safety cages that can be purchased separately from the trampoline. Safety cages are similar to safety netting and also protect the child from falling to the ground.

Regular inspections of your trampoline are important. Even when the trampoline is new, you need to check to make sure everything is as it should be before letting anyone use it. After that, you should plan for routine preventive maintenance every month or two. Make a note of the warranty that comes with your trampoline so that you’ll know what you can do if you find any defective parts or need to return the trampoline.

Jumpers should always be supervised. Children should never jump on such a trampoline without adult supervision. The adult supervising should be aware of the manufacturer’s safety instructions. A trained supervisor can spot activity that could lead to an accident and stop it before injury occurs.

Children should only use the toddler trampoline under appropriate weather conditions. In cases where there are strong gusts of wind, a jumper can easily be swept off the trampoline onto the ground.

A trampoline can be a lot of fun for everyone if you just adhere to a few simple safety practices.

Trampoline Safety Ground Rules

The very first thing you should do is take a look at where your trampoline is or where you plan to put it. This is because the location of the trampoline can actually mean an increased chance of accidents if it is located near trees, poles, fences, or walls. If it is close to a ledge, ceiling, or dangling vine or cable, that is another safety hazard. Make sure it is in a large open area, both around and above the trampoline. Make sure it is secured into the ground. A muddy surface may cause the trampoline to slide and cause serious injury if it happens during a jump. There are trampoline anchor kits to keep them put, though grass does sufficiently for most backyards.

Another safety issue with the location is the area directly under the trampoline. Make sure that it is not raised and meets the clearance as indicated in your trampoline specs. If you have an object underneath or the ground is raised, it may cause harm as the mat will not be able to move in its full range of motion. This is just like landing on a hard surface if the mat touches any part of the ground.

Trampoline accessories are also crucial to establishing a safe play environment. The first safety equipment any trampoline owner should buy is a trampoline enclosure, which is a fence that goes around the trampoline to keep any bouncers from bouncing out of the trampoline. Most use a pole system that goes around the entire perimeter which suspends a safety net all around.

The next safety accessory is a safety padding to cover the frame and springs if your trampoline doesn’t have one already. This is because the frame must be strong to sustain the force of a jumper and falling onto it can be dangerous. The same goes for the springs, which will catch small children’s arms and limbs and by design expose holes on the trampoline mat’s border. A child’s leg could easily fall through without a protective padding to cover these areas.

There are also a few safety ground rules you should rely on to keep your children safe. Since children may not necessarily understand the dangers of trampolines, it is important that they understand the risks so that they can control their actions. Trampoline injuries can be serious and even result in death in rare cases. Common injuries include broken arms and feed, bruises, spinal and head injuries. You can read more trampoline safety facts here.

Must Watch Trampoline Safety Video

With that we hope we’ve answered your question, what is the safest trampoline? Here it is…

Springfree Trampoline Reviews

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