Spring VS Springfree Trampoline: What’s The Difference?

Springfree trampoline is considered as a breakthrough in the trampoline industry. On the other hand, spring trampolines are age old, and most of the people use it. Hence, there is a confusion spring or springfree which one is good?

Well, in this article we will solve this confusion.

The Fact

Trampoline is the most common outdoor entertainments used by people of all ages across the globe. Kids and adults love them equally. But being grown up in 90’s, we know how dangerous this fun equipment can be. There were no major safety features back then, and it had hurt children in several ways. I too had become a victim of wrong landing several times which plunged me back on the ground roughly. Some of my friends from the neighborhood had even been hospitalized for serious injuries. However, when the safety net enclosures came into use, the risk of accidents was considerably reduced, and people welcomed it warmly.

The use of enclosures has increased the safety aspect of trampolines and works effectively in retaining the user within the jumping area every time he lands. It makes sure that kids or even adults do not fall off the trampoline anyhow. But even after trampolines are equipped with safety nets, there are chances that the user may still fall victim of an unwanted accident. This could be because of the solid frame or pinching springs. Thus, a new concept of the springfree trampoline is a trend which is successfully providing maximum safety against all such things.

So, what is it? How does it improve the safety of your family? Read this post to know everything related to this innovative trampoline.

What is the Springfree trampoline?

The first idea of manufacturing this springfree trampoline occurred sixteen years back to a father who wanted his kids to enjoy jumping without any risk of injuries. This frustrated father was none other than Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander who vigilantly studied the three main impact zones. These zones were mainly responsible for potential injuries:

  • Springs on the jumping surface.
  • Steel frame around the jumping surface.
  • The possibility of falling on the ground.

He thoroughly searched for the data on trampoline injuries being reported in the United States. What he found was shocking! Almost 100,000 jumpers were hospitalized because of the serious injuries from trampolines.

He vowed to make trampolines as safe as possible, and that led to the discovery of Springfree trampoline. These trampolines are now considered the safest trampoline ever built. Because the chance of falling off the jumping surface is already eliminated with the invention of safety nets, he worked mainly on removing the springs and steel frame of the trampolines.

A spring free trampoline is nothing but a trampoline that has replaced springs and the position of frame whilst retaining the same level of fun and amusement.

What is the difference between a spring and Springfree trampoline?

After years of hard work, Dr. Keith and his team could efficaciously redesign the traditional trampoline. Their vision of ensuring the same trampolining experience with this reinvented trampoline was achieved unwaveringly.

The most noteworthy change they brought to the existing trampolines was to replace their springs. Even when your springs are properly covered with protective pads, there are still many areas that can hurt the user. It maybe because of a cheap spring cover that can wither with continuous use or may get pulled off altogether of the frame. If your safety cover gives up, the hard frame and risky springs will get exposed and can hurt your kid seriously.

If studies are to be believed, uncovered spring area is the most common reason behind injuries when the user lands awkwardly and unknowingly on them. From a minor bruise to a more severe wound, taking the brunt of the landing is not pleasant at all.

Another big issue that leads to most of the trampoline injuries is the metal frame running around the trampoline. Landing on this outer frame can be very dangerous and can even lead to bone fractures. And it becomes more aggravated if the user hits the frame head long. There have been several cases where the jumper accidentally hits the frame directly with his head which lead to fatal injuries.

But the Springfree trampoline has no springs and no hard frame.

Springless Design

This new advancement in the traditional trampolines is almost similar in design to its previous counterpart. The prominent difference is only the inventive use of flexible fiberglass rods in the place of springs. The frame of the trampoline and its jumping mat are kept parallel to each other. They are connected with the help of flexible composite rods. There is another design of Springfree trampoline as well where flexible chords are used to attach the jumping mat to an inflatable frame. The main purpose of eliminating the bouncy springs is to improve the safety of a trampoline. It will significantly reduce the emergency visits to the hospital.

In short, the rebounding effect of the Springfree trampoline can be achieved in either of the ways:

  • A flexible rod sits underneath the outer rim of the jumping surface. When the user jumps on the mat, these rods nicely flex under his pressure and provide a steady bounce.
  • Elastic bands are also used in the place of coil springs. Thick material is used to fabricate these bands which cannot be stretched by hands but will offer a nice bounce.

Thousands of parents are now seeking this safer alternative for their kids. Even when these trampolines are comparatively more expensive, they are worth every penny considering their safety.

Bottom Line

With these ground-breaking Springfree trampoline, you can get rid of the hazardous springs. The spring-based trampolines are also liable to get rusted and face wear and tear over time. Thus, a wrecked trampoline will not only risk your safety, but it will also negatively affect the aesthetics of your backyard.  Overall, these highly pioneering trampolines are similar to ordinary trampolines in all other aspects. They can be used with safety enclosures too. The netting is also kept in place with the flexible fiberglass rods which further lowers the chance of getting hurt. There are no sharp and pointing parts in this trampoline which are the main reason for attracting thousands of trampoline lovers.

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