10 Things to Know Before Buying a Trampoline

Buying a trampoline is always exciting. From our childhood to now, the excitement of unlimited bouncing on a trampoline can never be lessened. We have always loved them and will continue to do so. Years of jumping have almost made us trampoline experts but one thing that we haven’t mastered yet is the art of buying one. So many features and intricate details relevant to this wonderful equipment have actually complicated the purchasing process. Therefore, we prudently looked for the 10 things to know before buying a trampoline in order to sidestep the confusions that consumers have. After your mind is clear of all bewilderments, you will make a great decision for you and your family.

So, what are the ultimate 10 tips to know  when buying trampolines? Find now. These top 10 tips are sequentially arranged in an order which you must follow to get to a right answer.

10 Things to Know Before Buying a Trampoline

Choose the Best Manufacturer

This is the first and the most important thing to do. The brand you choose will eventually influence the quality and durability of your product. Therefore, properly researching for the best trampoline brands will immensely affect your purchase. There are various ways of finding a picture-perfect trampoline manufacturer and that is to read reviews online. You can navigate to the trusted trampoline sites or the shopping sites like Amazon for reading the feedbacks from previous users of the products. Reviews will tell you whether the company is delivering as promised or not. Thus, the best manufacturer is the sure-shot guarantee of a top-quality trampoline.

Decide your Jumping Surface Area

After you have chosen the company, deciding the size of the trampoline is also very crucial. It is a big decision that is primarily predisposed of the space availability at your place. Ask yourself, where will I position the trampoline? How big garden or backyard do I have? How many users do I need it for? All these questions will automatically resolve the problem of perfect trampoline size. They are available in variety of sizes ranging from 6 feet to almost 16 feet at the maximum. Among them, 8’, 12’ and 15’ trampolines are the most common. Depending on the number of users, you can buy whichever you want.

Ensure the Space Availability

When you have made your mind in terms of the trampoline size, make sure that you have enough space. Apart from the actual size of the trampoline, you must also have sufficient free space around it. Normally people underestimate the amount of space the incoming trampoline can consume which results in various hassles. Therefore, always use a rope or something to draw an imaginary trampoline area on the ground where you will place it. This will give you a clear idea of how much space the trampoline will actually occupy. You must also make certain that if you are buying an outdoor trampoline, you keep it on a soft surface. Hard surfaces are risky if the user unfortunately faces an accidental fall.

Look for The Safety Aspects

Safety should never be negotiated for anything. It matters a lot especially with such risky equipment like trampoline. The modern trampolines have however incorporated numerous safety features into them. All you must do is to ensure that your trampoline comes with all of them. Some of the most essential safety features include:

  • Gap-free Net Enclosures
  • Protective Safety Pads for Springs
  • Durable and sturdy frame constructed from high-grade material like galvanized steel.
  • Rust-proof springs

Net enclosures and safety pads are the most important elements for a safe and injury-free jumping experience. These safety traits will safeguard you and your family from any potential risk of injury.

Net Enclosures are Highly Recommended

Safety nets are the absolute necessity for a best trampoline. Even if you already have a trampoline, you must buy a safety enclosure for it. These nets hold an utmost significance in the safety aspects of the trampolines and play a major role in retaining the user to the jumping area. They will protect them from plunging back to the ground accidentally thus reducing the number of injuries considerably. If early statistics of trampoline injuries were to be stated here, it will leave you shocked.  However, these enclosures can effectively diminish the number to a very low.

Kids Trampoline Must Have Handle Bar

If you are purchasing a trampoline for your small child under the age of 5, handle bar is a must. Toddlers are not very stable in their use of trampolines therefore handle bar will give them an unwavering support. It ensures safe bouncing and stable balance for the small kids. Several mini trampolines come with an easily detachable handle bar. You can fix it when they are very young and also unscrew it when they have grown enough to make proper balance.

Know the Weight Capacity

Weight capacity can also be categorized under an important safety aspect. When you know the total weight of the users that are going to jump on it, you can buy a trampoline accordingly. The correct information related to the weight limit of any trampoline will give you an idea of how many users can use it at a time. Some can only suffice one user while other high-end and big trampolines can accommodate several bouncers together. So, after you have decided the manufacturer and size of the trampoline with safety features in mind, knowing the weight capacity is equally important. This is one of the crucial characters of 10 things to know before buying a trampoline.

UV-Resistant Materials

If you are buying a huge outdoor trampoline, you know you are going to spend a lot. Plus it will be established under the hot sun and other harsh weathers. In order to make your investment worthwhile it is advised to ensure a durable and high-quality trampoline. The innovative trampolines nowadays come with UV protected padding and UV resistant net enclosure. This makes sure that even when the equipment is bearing the hot sun daily, it does not show any sagging or wearing. UV resistant materials used in the fabrication of trampoline are exceptionally good as they protect the colors from fading and also prevent any kind of deterioration over time. This will make your trampoline long-lasting whilst also ensuring its hard-wearing property.

Availability of Replacement Parts

Springs, mats and safety pads are liable to show deterioration over continuous use. Breaking of springs, wearing of mats and padding are very common scenarios with a heavy-duty use. If the trampoline you have bought does not empower you to replace the worn-out parts, it will waste your huge investment in a short while. Therefore, before you buy a trampoline, make certain that its spare parts are easily available and can be purchased without much ado.

Ensure Warranty on Durability

Last but not the least, warranties given on the products play a major role in determining its overall built quality and longevity. There are various components of the trampolines that may give up before the promised time. That is when you can use your warranty to get your parts replaced from the manufacturer itself. It will safeguard your investment. Different brands of the trampoline offer different warranties ranging from few months to a year at max. Thus, you must always make sure about the term of warranty your trampoline is coming with.

These 10 things to know before buying a trampoline will definitely help you decide one of the best trampolines at the end of the day. You will easily pick a trampoline that is ideal for you and your family in all its aspects. There is a vast range in terms of trampoline prices so that you can choose whichever suits your budget. However, as we all know expensive and high-end brand trampoline will last long and offer enhanced protection from hazardous elements.


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